Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

ALL PAX: 1 Month Weight Loss Challenge “March FATness : BURPEE Busters”


F3 RVA: YHC has been fighting a bad knee, which has not helped my usual daily calorie burn. YHC have joined the Weight Loss Challenge, Anyone from RVA Game to Step up!

March FATness : “Burpee Busters”

(see what YHC did…. “March MADness : BRACKET Busters” … so clever)

WHO: Any and all F3 Nation PAX willing to commit to losing a individually selected, predetermined amount of weight through disciple and hard work.
WHAT: 1 Month Weight Loss Challenge! You vs You. You determine the weight loss (most PAX chose 10lbs which is a little less than a third of a pound per day). Hit the goal, or you owe 200 burpees
WHEN: March 1 – April 1 (32 days)…. 35 days if you want to start now!
WHERE: Honor system on weigh-in (start and finish). ON 4/2 Saturday, ***200 chest-to-ground penalty burpees straight *** are owed by all PAX not meeting the weight loss they themselves committed to lose. If you are in SOB / Area51, this will be done after the Stonehenge workout together. Other F3 Nation Brothers, coordinate amongst yourselves to meet together at your preferred location, should any penalty burpees be required, or do on your own. You vs You… don’t cheat… honor yourself!
WHY: April race season is around the corner! (Spartan Race OCR, Charlotte Racefest Half-Marathon, Battefrog OCR, Ultimate Challenge Mud Run… all in back-to-back-to-back-to-back weekends), lose the weight and don’t carry it around as an obstacle for these events. Have the beach body you want for the Summer. Does YHC really need to provide you with a list of reasons to lose weight (other than if you don’t need to lose any)? Stop.
HOW: Post more, eat a healthy diet, get liposuction, drink less beer, whatever… it’s up to you but try to do it in a safe and healthy way (#asif).
BONUS: Madame Tussaud (@MadameTussaudF3) is concurrently running a April Merkin Challenge where you can see how many merkins you can do in the month …10,000 merkins = 323 per day. OR choose the amount you would like to do.
Tracking is be done on a spreadsheet that was set up by MT (#accountabilitysheet)… check it out here, log it yourself, or one of us can log it for you. But declare your starting weight and target weight (or just amount of weight you want to lose if you prefer) by 3/1 for accountability. If you are in SOB/A51 then there is a channel on Slack we can add you to (contact Wingman @trentjones).

Questions? Contact either J.R.R. Tolkien (@JRRTolkienF3) or Madame Tussaud (@MadameTussaudF3) for details on either challenge. Hope you will participate and these challenges will help you kickstart your weight-loss, keep you accountable, and make you better over the next month.


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  1. I think I’ll go with the liposuction option. Will you sponsor me Bleeder? I’ve been admiring Swirly’s Woodfin truck for a while now. If you sponsor my liposuction, I’ll get a Woodfin tatoo on by bicep. Or I could get it on my liposuction scar…?

    Plan B is I stop drinking scotch for a month, but there’s about a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. Not impossible…..just not likely. 🙂

    See you jokers in the morning for Lab Rat’s VQ.

    -Fudd out

  2. By the way, I accept the challenge. I need to lose about 10 pounds. Thanks for the motivation Bleeder! Aye!

  3. Nice work fellas… Glad you decided to join the challenge from Virginia! Hopefully will see some of you at the F3 5yr party this weekend in Charlotte as well.

    Bleeder – let me know which PAX later so I can add you all to the challenge list.

  4. I reckon I’m in to lose 10 in March in the Bleeder Special too. Now excuse me while I try to go find which kitchen cabinet I left my self-discipline in.

  5. M would have something to say about my involvement in this, so let me put it this way…In the interest of solidarity, I will commit to reducing my beer consumption to zero – or at least a level I haven’t experienced since sophomore year of high school.

    Saab out

  6. Count me in, should pare well with the Lockjaw 100 mile challenge. Just have to clear out the dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies that appeared at my house yesterday