Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

To the right. . .


If you were at today’s workout, just the title has planted an insidious  song in your head.  In case you weren’t, the video will help you catch the vibe.


20x Russian Soldiers

10x Don Quixotes

10x Don Quixotes (focusing on getting the extra stretch)

Arm circles

20x Imperial Walkers

30x LBCs

2x Plank walk outs

10x Merkins

Head to the amphitheater for the Cupid Shuffle.  Play the Cupid Shuffle.  Start in Decline plank.  For every “down, down” do 2 merkins.  For every “to the left” or “to the right”, move in the appropriate direction maintaining plank.  For “now kick” alternate kicking legs up in the air.  When you hear “now walk it by yourself” spin around to do the opposite form of plank (decline to incline, or incline to decline).  Maintain this form of plank and follow directions until the next “walk it by yourself.”

Head around the back of the amphitheater for touch a tree.  Balls to the wall while partner runs down and up the bowl and touches 3 trees. Flapjack.

Clockwork Merkins.  Start on one hill and do 1 set of 5x5x5x5 clockwork merkins.  Run to other hill and do the same.  Run back to start.

Mosey down love hill and to the base of the pipe.  LBCs while waiting for the six.

Half-pipe Dora 123.  Exercises: 100 (decline merkins), 200 (squats), 300 (LBCs).  Run up half of the pipe turn left and turn left again on the trail to meet your partner.

The pipe.  Run up the pipe to the parallel bars and hold yourself up while waiting for the six.

Partner Pullup ladders.  Partner up and either do pullups or cheer/assist your partner. Alternate after every set.  Sets of 1,2,3,4,5 pullups.  Then sets of 5,4,3,2,1 chin ups.

Mosey back to amphitheater for Pac-Man.  Swirley and Saab were the Pac-Men and were both gobbled up by the ghosts.

 Ring of Fire. 10x Merkins one time around.

Mosey back to flag.



Today was YHC’s 1-year anniversary in F3.  You can check out that workout here.

Swirly led the workout 1 year ago, and although many of the details are now foggy, there were a few things that stood out from that first workout.  I remember being kind of confused during the COP, but eventually getting it.  I remember Toga clueing me in to some of the lingo during the beast in order to help me keep up.  When I saw Toga and Fudd crushing the Beast, basically diving into the snow as fast as possible in order to do their exercises, I was impressed.  The multiple sets of 6 merkins were impossible!  Another thing I remember—Swirly was kind of slow!  I also don’t think I was able to do more than 1 pullup.  Lastly, we did the ring of fire at the base of the amphitheater, and my hands were freezing in the snow, but the singing was fun.  I think my range of motion was about 2 inches for those last 5 merkins.  I was certainly pushed physically, but also welcomed.  In looking back, I can’t believe that that workout took a whole hour to do!  We’ve come a long way, men!

As a good scientist, there were some experimental aspects to this workout–

There was lots of mumblechatter today about the Cupid Shuffle.  YHC promises that this is not on his normal playlist!  4 minutes is a long time to plank, and the music certainly helped us all push through it, cheesy as it was.

The Half-Pipe Dora 1-2-3 was inspired by Honeydo’s Dogpile workout a couple of months ago where he had us running on a hilly section of road.   Not much mumblechatter, except from Lab Rat when YHC gave some general guidance about keeping form on squats.  Flashdance was clearly dazed after running up the pipe the last time and had to be given instructions on how to give a 20 count.  EF Hutton, also underestimated steepness of the pipe and fizzled out before the end.

Pullup ladders were a clear hit, as the groaning reached new heights.  Swirly suggested doing a hang as a part of the last set—good idea.  We will definitely see those again.

Other notes:  We welcomed Early Bird, joining us from DC today.  Swirly, did he beat you to the AO and live up to his namesake?Saab gashed his shin in Pac-Man and had a nice wound, Swirly’s trail shoes are now toast, and the rendition of Ring of Fire was raucous and echo-ey in the amphitheater—thanks Toga for leading us again like you did a year ago.  It was great to have you back at Dogpile.

Brothers—F3 has been one of the highlights of my last year, and I am so grateful that J’Ville EH’d me a little over a year ago.   Here’s to many more years in the gloom!


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  1. Ah, what would a workout be without mumblechatter from LabRat (a.k.a. White Noise). Seriously though, I am typing this from the bed at 9pm on a Saturday…I am smashed!

    Thanks for watching my form, somebody has to. Also, well done on the full year in F3.

    Also, you were missed for a great coffeeteria session at Elwood Thompson’s (a.k.a. TYA’s cubicle). 2nd F at its finest. Best part of my day today was before 9 a.m.

  2. Several of the Pax were at a Father/Daughter Dance tonight and the Cupid Shuffle came on. I had an urge to break into a Merkin.

    Great workout. You hit all the muscles.

  3. Wished I could have been there Sippy. Portlandia has nothing on a Sippy Cup Dogpile Q. Alas, I need to pay the bills. Reads like an epic beatdown. Aye!

  4. I wish I could come to ET after–my wife has a weekly commitment at 7:30, so it doesn’t work for me to go. I’m glad that the coffeeteria sessions have been growing lately–

  5. Nicely done. You really set the bar on what turned out to be a highly diverse and challenging beat-down. As a bonus, finally got an opportunity to partner with Swirly during the Dora’s. As expected, tough to keep up with. (Although Toga had some choice words regarding the performance of my squats, I hope I didn’t disappoint.)

    Still treating the injury per Aisle-5’s recommendation of peroxide, but it was well worth it…just don’t ask me to be the PAC-MAN ever again. As Lockjaw said later, that was my penance for maintaining eye contact with the Q during the instruction period.

    Saab out.

  6. Great mix of exercises and dread. The pull-up ladder should be done at every workout. I think we all got a lot out of hearing what F3 has meant to you, and I think we all share the sentiment.

    PS: Apologies for trying to push EF Hutton into a wall and there will be vengeance for Rosie putting that stick in my eye.

  7. Great job Sippy! Almost all of the AO was used! Looking forward to seeing what you think of next! #evilmastermind #permafkexthighs

  8. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome. I really enjoyed the beatdown, (sore as my arms still are on this Monday), and with all we did I couldn’t believe we still had time for that Ring of Fire and Pac Man. Strong work by my parter Flash Dance on the Dora and pull-ups. Any of you should feel free to hit me up and join the Rough Riders in DC Saturday mornings. We’re bad at posting Backblasts sometimes but we usually have someone there. @EarlyBird_F3, or

  9. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    That was a heck of an anniversary Q Sippy – well done bro….
    I’m still slow compared to some of our pax but it’s rare I get beat to the AO 🙂 F3 Corporate baby – it’s an attitude!
    Enjoyed the fellowship at TYA”s office afterwords fella’s !

  10. I had fun it was a great beat down EarlyBird, thanks the spot on the pull ups. Hope to see you back at f3 again m!!