Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Boxing the Curb


Ever thankful to be safe after an evening of frightening storm warnings and strong winds, 17 faithful RVA PAX assembled for a 45 min beatdown at 45MOMM. It went down something like this:


COP: 28 SSH, 28 Crab Cakes, 28 Dancing Chilcutts, 14 Granddad Don Quixotes, 20 Copperhead Squats, (something else?)

Mosey around school and back to bus line.

Curb Boxing: Always face Grove Ave and draw a box Bear Crawling or Crab Walking, 10 strides to the side when going Right to Left and Left to Right
Bear Curb Boxing x 2
Crab Curb Boxing x 2
Bear Curb Boxing x 2

Mosey to corner of Westmoreland & Grove
4 Corners of Burp & Merk: Sets of Burps and Merks at each corner, mosey, plank to wait for PAX
1-5: Westmoreland & Grove
6-10: Westmoreland & Cary
10-6: Commonwealth & Cary
5-1: Commonwealth & Grove

50 Zombie Walk strides towards to the Pavilion.
Mosey to blacktop where Tomatoes usually meet.

11’s: Lt. Dan’s & Plank Jacks
Reverse Plank when done + quick set of 28 Reverse Dancing Chilcutts

5MOM: 28 LBCs, 20 Box Cutters, 28 Hello Dollies

Mosey to Flag

COT & Fudd took us out


YHC was spurred along by Saab’s salutation this morning: “I’ve never experienced a DK Q before.” Hope the workout met your expectation.

Lab Rat was confused that the Curb Boxing was not In Cadence. YHC was confused how to keep the strides In Cadence. Maybe on your Q, Lab Rat.

Several PAX were confused by YHC’s instructions on the Burp & Merks when combined with 4 corners. YHC will be more detailed next time.

YHC respected the Closed Field signs and called an audible on the 11’s when the Tomatoes were a no-show. TYA seemed to be disappointed YHC was not following his Wienke. (Yes, there was a Wienke…to remind YHC of the Lt. Dan’s…but mostly because YHC still carries a cell phone to keep track of time and needs to purchase a cheap watch instead).

Rosie & YHC discussed the 11’s on the trip home in the clown car and are pretty certain that only TYA and Splinter completed the full set. Without the trees as guides, YHC may have dropped a set…possibly 2…Rosie too. The #plankers arrived early and quickly.


Fudd’s Golf Tournament in April at Willow Oaks. See Fudd.

HDHH March 16 at the new AO in Mechanicsville, followed by Homebrews at the Rat Nest (Lab Rat’s casa).


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  1. Anyone can be a planker if they only do half the exercises.

    Nice Q. At first I thought Lab Rat was Q but then I just realized he was working on his word count for the day.

  2. Ahhhhhh, its good to be loved….(at least that’s what I am going with).

    My wife however, would take offense to the Rat Nest comment, even though it is pretty much spot-on. We’ll just keep it between us fellas if you please.

    Nice Q, even though I stand by my critique of the curb boxes. It would have looked pretty cool from Grove!

  3. Ah…not trying to offend Mrs. Lab Rat…in that case, let’s call your place the Ratskeller.
    In German:
    Rat = mayor
    Haus = house
    Rathaus = town hall
    Keller = cellar/basement
    Ratskeller = a bar or restaurant located in the basement of a city hall
    German is a beautiful thing…

  4. German may read beautifully, but it sounds about as terrible as TYA hocking a “respect” luge. Those curb crawls sucked. Actually, come to think of it, that whole workout was painful. Good Q David. Way to bring the pain!!

  5. Excellent Q DK. My legs have yet to recover from Splinter’s “No Glam” workout and the Lt. Dans did not help that. Well done.

  6. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great q DK. Splinter an I were trying to figure out why we were so behind on the 11s. Now I understand.

    Fudd, no idea (as usual) as whether i should be insulted or proud… I’ll go with proud, why create problems that don’t exist.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed the Q DK. What I really mean is, my continual confusion over exercises that were both foreign to me, and demanded much more coordination than I will ever have – distracted me from the pain at-hand. I was very impressed by DK’s ability to sustain the box cutters and hello-dolly’s to such high numbers…my nether-region eventually would not abide.

    Also took note of Lab Rat’s ongoing commentary and intermittent song. We would be a fairly quiet and clandestine bunch without you man…keep it up.