Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Glam to See Here, Carry On.


No Glam

9 were greeted with a punishing lower body beatdown at the punisher this morning.  Here’s how it went down.

Wait for Lab Rat to get settled then run from the parking area to back basketball courts.


  • Invisible Jump Rope x 22
  • DQ x 22
  • IW x 22
  • Knee Pull x 22
  • Ankle Pull x 23
  • Penguin Pull x 22

The Thang

Mosey to the Pavilion for step ups and leg thrusts. 22 (step ups)/11 (leg thrusts) first set. 11/22 second set. 22/11 third set. Al Gore between sets.

Mosey to circle in front of the school for 11/22/22. Three exercises followed by a lap around the loop. Exercises were jumper squats, cross leg mountain climbers, ball dippers. All single count. Sets were as follows with a 10 second Al Gore in between each set.


Team up for a modified triple check. People’s Chair, calf raises on the curb, 11 single leg APDs on each leg. The APDs station was the pace car for the triple check.

Circle up for 11 count Monkey Humper Ring of Fire.

Back to shovel flag.


The Pax was thrilled when Q announced this was a “No Glam Muscle” workout. Lab Rat quickly proclaimed that this would be easy due to his bulging calf muscles. No evidence of said claim was witnessed. He does enjoy talking during his prom dates though.

Offshore thought the PAX was being stalked by what appeared to be a “shadowy beast” that was approaching COP.  Alas, it was Flipper in typical LIFO fashion.  Offshore quest for Bigfoot is still incomplete.

Hypothesis of the day is the PAX has a balance problem, likely due to the traditional emphasis on upper body during workouts.  The single leg dynamic stretching in COP supported the claim while the calf raises on the curb proved the hypothesis.  We all need more agility.

Random thoughts:  As usual, Swirly had great form on the jumper squats.  YHC knows he is looking forward to 3/17.  Honey Do started shedding clothes half-way through 11/22/22.  Keep it in line next time.  No glam means no glam.  No sun, no guns.  YHC thinks Singer was pleased that the triple check did not include a run today.  YHC is not that crazy…  Bleeder, hope the leg workout wasn’t too painful on the knee.

Welcome back to the states Rosie. Glad to hear F3 prepared you for the mountains of the Spanish Sierra Nevada.


New Mechanicsville workout at Atlee High planned, possibly in conjunction with HDHH in March. Lab Rat to provide more details soon.

The Q sheet is stacking up but don’t be afraid to sign up for a VQ even if it is a few weeks out.

Splinter out.



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Splinter – I believe that was the toughest 45min leg workout we have ever done.. You brought the pain this morning bro – well done – my legs are officially smoked… Heck yeah Iv’e been working on my jump shots because I noticed you signed up for March 17th (Madness) around Christmas… (Splinter is all about some bball madness baby) – and he knows this former wrestler has some bball skills:) looking forward to that Q Splinter hopefully my legs will have recovered by then – do I smell a pick up game in the air ??
    EF Hutton – looking forward to your VQ- may I offer some advice – upper body tomorrow dude – upper body !
    See ya’ll in the gloom!

  2. While yes, I have earned my chatty reputation…I would officially like to point out that I DECLARED it weird talking during prom dates. Fact check, SPLINTER!

    Enjoyed the change of pace this morning, monkey humpers at the end were no joke.

  3. Well done Splinter. I was not expecting that much leg work on my first beat down back. Good thing walking all day up and down hills in Spain kept me prepped for F3. Looking forward to EF Hutton’s VQ tomorrow.

  4. What?!? No singing?

    Why, I have been told I have a singing voice so beautiful that it helps people run faster!

  5. Way to crush the legs Splinter. I wore the long sleeve to start anticipating we’d be rolling on the wet ground at some point. And I know better since the F3C manual says recommended attire above 45 degrees in the gloom is shorts and F3 tshirt

  6. Got it. 45 straight minutes of Lieutenant Dans. Well whatever I come up with, sounds like we’re going to get wet.

  7. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Props to Honeydo for citing the corporate manual – well played sir – and yes according to article 6 sec d. of said manual “it is very weird to sing and or have any conversation while doing APD’s – however the Q has the ability and authority to override such policy should he choose as it is his workout” – ie.. Splinter’s decision the let Labrats mumble chatter go…
    Welcome back Rosie – glad you had a good safe trip..
    Thank the good Lord Bleeder and his daughter Eliza are both OK and not injured in that ski lift accident over the weekend… I wasn’t even there and I still can’t stop thinking about it – crazy… So glad all is well Bleeder – Way to post this morning with I;m sure your adrenaline still pumping from that rather scary event!