Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Picnic at the Pavilions


Beautiful morning at the GridIron with a five PAX posting that expanded to six with a double-dipper.

The Thang (as best recollected from “stream of consciousness” workout):

x25 SSHs IC
x25 IWs IC
x25 DQs IC
x20 Merkins IC
x25 APDs IC

Mosey to Pavilion #1:

x25 PLTs (x25 Pole Smokers/HTH for odd man)
5 sets of: x20 Bulgarian Split Squats, x20 Elevated Single Leg APDs, x20 Split Jump-ups, x20 Decline Merkins
x25 PLTs (x25 Pole Smokers/HTH for odd man)
x25 Air Squats IC

Mosey to Pavilion #2:

Rapid fire dips — 5 sets x25 dips OYO
x25 PLTs (x25 Pole Smokers/HTH for odd man)
3 sets of x25 Air Squats OYO
2 sets of PLTs

Mosey to Playground:

5 sets of x20 Australian Pull-ups OYO interspersed with 2 sets of x25 Air Squats OYO.

Mosey to Parking Lot:

Plank Jacks OYO – x25 Hand Plank Jacks, x25 Forearm Plank Jacks, x25 Left Forearm/Right Hand Plank Jacks, and x25 Right Forearm/Left Hand Plank Jacks interspersed with Superman holds

Hand Plank hold with hand walk-back to Pike.

Mosey to Pavilion #3:

Rapid fire dips — 6 sets x25 dips OYO
Supine rows/crunches OYO

Five steps to Parking Lot


Unspoken prayer concerns acknowledged and closing prayer by Attila.


Johnsonville under weather all week – he was missed (and his pre-workout text sending regrets was appreciated). Also missed were Flip Phone and White Deer, for whom concern is expressed as they grieve and heal, respectively.

Strong sophomore posting by Lucky Charm – great work and a fine description of Hurling (fastest game on grass). We look forward to the results of his head-locking efforts this week. LC will let us know when he’s ready to Q and where to purchase hurleys for a Gaelic-themed beatdown.

Chum Bucket made the Merkins look ridiculously easy, DK executed graceful Bulgarian Split Squats, and Attila’s yawns somehow prevented a full-blown narcoleptic episode. Offshore double-dipped and set the unofficial record for earliest DD posting time (0727) – he claimed that he didn’t get enough Pole Smokers at DogPile but we think he made a GridIron posting promise to LC which he was duty-bound to honor. Where’s Wilson?

DK told the PAX to listen up – that EF Hutton was executing his first Q at No Toll this coming week. Regrettably, YHC will be in Texas and will have to miss (this is where Honey Do says “yeah right – EW doesn’t do weekdays”). Others – come out and support this first Q!

The path of life leads upward for the prudent to keep them from going down to the realm of the dead. – Proverbs 15:24



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  1. A beatdown with sticks sounds intense!

    Whereas Wilson banked extra LBCs at Dogpile, I took out a loan on Pole Smokers . I think the PLTs balanced my account but I should probably check with Corporate.

  2. Need to get Aisle 5 on board with the double dip. I am enjoying the 2nd F each week on the ride. Will continue to work on him!

  3. We’re looking forward to it and your next quarterly Q! But I sure hope your children aren’t neglecting the National Pastime.