Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Go Outside RVA


Alternative title:  To go far, run together….only not that together

Alternative title #2:  Shorts?  You serious?

5 Pax rolled out to greet the day on the trails of RVA.  Conditions were as cold as it gets in Richmond (round it up to 10F), but sunny and no wind.  Notable showings were Chumbucket and Flipper, plus Flipper’s pooch, but they were bound for a shorter route this morning and quickly broke rank.  The rest went down like this:

Route of choice this morning went old school, taking North Bank out to Belle Isle, returning on Buttermilk.  Individual mileages may vary, but the Garmin rolled 7.7 miles at the end of the parking lot for YHC.  North Bank was definitely the warmer trail with the sun.


The pax showed up in some interesting garb to say the least this morning.  While YHC, Chumbucket, and Flipper wore standard gloom workout attire, Saab rolled out of his British Jeep in cutoff jeans and a Metallica tank top.  Offshore must have come straight from his night job, where he seems to be taking an apprentiship as a brick mason.  (YHC would like to make note here that Saab’s outfit is exaggerated for entertainment purposes, but Offshore’s outfit is not.)

There is strong evidence that jorts were not the best choice though, as Saab informed the PAX at the first loop back that he had best let the ponies stretch their legs.  Jack Frost was sure to be nipping at the bare knees.  YHC sent Offshore out to run him down, but Saab had motivation to blaze this morning and it was not to be.  YHC and Chumbucket leap frogged back and forth, but this morning’s run was pretty much a solo affair for everybody concerned.

Absences of note:

TYA had to call in sick.  The Pax was hoping that it was due to a failure to properly stretch before Valentine’s Day festivities, or possibly an erection lasting longer than 4 hours but there would surely have been a tweet about that, and was not to be the case.  Seems as though TYA is battling with a kidney stone, and the stone has the upper hand at the moment.  Here is to wishing a speedy recovery to him (TYA, not the kidney stone).  Corporate, please log this as an EXCUSED absence.

Lockjaw continues to miss runs after throwing down the 100 mile gauntlet for March.  YHC hopes that he is just resting up the legs before March 1.


Finished up this morning with F3’s shortest prayer ever, piled into our respective vehicles, and blasted the heat all the way home.  Well done gentlemen!



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  1. Apologies for the non-stop, but my nether-regions demanded perpetual motion given today’s conditions. Did you all notice the automobile “parked” on the trail. Upon my return to the parking lot learned the backstory…car had apparently been stolen…abandoned with engine running and left in neutral…ostensibly rolled down nearby hill and came to rest just off the trail.

    All the best TYA…take care and get well.


  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Lions and tigers and bears oh my!

    Swirly, I wanna go by the book, corporate book that is, on this one. If policy says unexecused, I’ll take the hit for it…

    Hated to miss this am. Always love the trail and fellowship. Special Kotters to chum being back on the trail. See you next week in the gloom

  3. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Rest assured, there were no stretching demonstrations this morning. Just a flash of Saab’s bare legs….