Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Geometry but a little Multiplication…


21 intrepid souls joined together this morning in very frigid temperatures to get a beat-down (and hopefully warm up a bit). This is how it went…

Partial run around MM. Meet up at basketball courts

COT: Don Quixotes, SSH, Squats, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, LBCs – range 25 to 30 of each

Mosey to field at “end-zone” and line up.

Exercise: Ponzi Scheme or Madoff (still taking names for workout which was a mix of the Beast and a steady progression…with a little math involved):
Run to 25 yard line, perform exercise, advance next 25 yards, repeat. Advance to end and back. Should involve 8 stops including where you started.
Number of repetitions corresponds to stop #. For example, if at stop #5, perform 5 repetitions of exercise. Last stop should be 8 repetitions (i.e. starting line). Plank up once done.
Multiplier: COP calls out a multiplier before each round (x1, x3, what have you…). PAX applies that to the number of repetitions (i.e. stop #). Example, when traversing the field, if at stop 5, and multiplier is 2, you do the math…

Exercises order: Burpees (x1), WWII (x2), Squat Jumps (x3), Merkins (x4), LBC (x5),

x Minutes of Mary: Flutter kicks (30), Superman
As anticipated, there were a few comments regarding the initial run halfway around MM. Getting past that, we gathered for a COT. I could hear commentary in the background – probably DK – but I was concentrating on MY COUNTING so I didn’t pick up on it. I’m sure it was colorful and entertaining per usual.

We moseyed to the field….yes, no triangles this time. We moved from Geometry to Multiplication.

At the onset of the “Madoff”, thanks to BT for pointing out I had personally started out with the wrong exercise (Merkins), and should have been doing Burpees as I had instructed everyone to do just moments earlier (thanks for having my back). Otherwise workout turned out to be a bit of a beatdown. I personally was regretting the multiplier we applied to the Merkins. Shout out to Tramp Stamp and Swirly leaving me in the dust on the out-and-back…at least there would have been dust of the ground hadn’t been so completely frozen.

In our final circle during the Supermans, DK astutely pointed out “why Saabs were discontinued…” Nice one DK…

TYA made mention of a half marathon in the spring. If you have any questions see him…my fingers were too frozen by then to write it all down.

Saab abides…


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  1. The Squat Jumps were x3 and the Merkins were x4
    The only reason I remember is because I was the sorry chap still doing Merkins when the rest of the PAX started the LBCs.
    This workout was brutal…well done, Saab. I never found decent ground for the WWIIs or the LBCs.
    Remind us why you’re named Saab?

  2. Thanks for the correction DK.

    Why Saab you ask?….acquired taste, somewhat obsolete, oddly-placed keyhole?

  3. As usual – nice beat down Saab. My legs are killing me from all those jump squats and I tell ya on that last round of merkins I had to take a break just so I could finish – way to bring the pain…Special shout out to you and Honeydo for rocking the shorts this morning..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  4. Nice Q Saab, the merkins did me in. T-claps to Flashdance to posting to 2 AOs this AM – Dogpile and 45MoM.

  5. Saab good workout today. Interesting attributes to describe a Saab and most seem appropriate. However the oddly-placed keyhole brings many questions to mind….

  6. Also, in the spirit of BRR training, I am putting forth March’s monthly challenge – 100 miles for runners/200 miles for bikers.

    More details to follow, so start building your base mileage!

  7. Definitely a beatdown. Jump squats and merks were brutal, and I forgot that I gave up burpees for Lent.

  8. If you divide the square root of the beatdown by 2 and then multiply it by itself…subtract the triangles and add a multiplier…pretty awesome Q Saab. I don’t think I did a single WWII or LBC with out a giant rock in my back. Thank goodness the field was soft and covered in plush grass. Saab never outdated bro

  9. Loving the fact that Saab was Q, and we ignored the fields closed signs that are up because of when Saab was Q.

    Well done, I am beat up. Hard to explain the weird bruises on my back…