Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



18 strong faithful RVA PAX gathered for another installment of a NoToll beatdown. BT and Swirly planted the shovel flag, and it went something like this:


COP: 28 SSH, 28 Crab Cakes, 28 Boxcutters, 28 Russian Soldiers, maybe 1 other?

Mosey around parking lot to Soccer field.

11’s across width of Soccer Field: Burpees + Real Lt. Dan’s (4 lunges + 1 squat)

Circle up in center field for Circle of Shame:
Bear Crawl 1 revolution + Crawl Bear 1/2 revolution

Mosey to bleachers for Triple Check: dips, flutter kicks, run width of soccer field and back
Audible called for Quadruple Check.
45 second Plank-O-Rama

Quick COP: 28 LBCs, 28 American Hammers

Mosey back to flag. Stop @ gate and lunge 50 strides. Continue mosey back to flag.


Fudd took us out.


Where was the dusting of snow?

YHC needs to purchase a watch so that Splinter will stop accusing YHC of carrying a Wienke when YHC is just carrying is cell phone to keep track of the time.

Wedding Singer still thinks the wrong team was in the Super Bowl.

Viral suggested that the 28s in the first COP were in honor of Jonathan Stewart, RB of the Carolina Panthers.
The RVA Pax knows differently.

YHC handed Swirly and BT the shovel flag upon his arrival. They were still holding it after YHC returned to the pregame circle. Maybe they thought we’d run with 2 pieces of a shovel flag? Either way, never assume that BT and Swirly know to PLANT a shovel flag.

YHC: “We’ll be doing real Lt. Dan’s: 4 lunges and 1 squat.”
Fudd: “Who says those are real Lt. Dan’s?”
YHC: “I do and I’m the Q.”

Fudd was also confused that 2 exercises are meant to be performed during the 11s. Thanks for keeping tabs, TYA and keeping Fudd honest, even though this was meant to be a “You vs You” workout.

Sippy kept an impressive pace to lead the 11s. Way to push it Sippy.

After the Crawl Bears on our way to the bleachers for the Triple Check, Toga asked YHC if YHC was doing ok. YHC definitely felt dizzy from the Circle of Shame…were YHC’s words slurring or was YHC running crookedly? Either way, thanks for checking in.

Sadly, YHC could not find Daft Punk’s “Around the World” on YHC’s phone to play during the Circle of Shame. Thanks for the support as YHC searched, Toga.


Swirly Q @ SOT tomorrow.

Viral Q @ Hump Day Happy Hour next week.

Never Q’d? See YHC if you need some tips and pointers. Let’s see some new Qs soon!


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  1. To be fair to BT and Swirly the shovelflag was in 2 pieces. That is a lot of steps to assemble at 5:30 am. Speaking of couting the 4 count Lt. Dans felt like I was back at the Lucky Horseshoe with me losing count midway…

  2. Viral’s view was Toga. My view was Viral, thus the “you can get a good look at t-bone by sticking your head up a bull’s ass…” comment. Kudos to the other side of the circle who correctly identified the movie from the quote.

    Nice Q DK. At first I thought we were going to run around in 28 random circles. Thanks for bringing the pain.

  3. Heck of a Q DK – my legs are killing me.. Hey BT and I were just waiting on the Q’s instructions before planting – we have indeed had to run with that thing in the past… Just following Q’s orders..
    See y’all in the gloom.

  4. Great Q DK. Loved the Darrel Green inspired counts this morning. HTTR Only downside was during crawl bears I almost ended up wearing Fudd like ear muffs.

  5. No doubt. That could have very easily erupted into something special, like say, Old Glory.

  6. Funny you mention that Flipper. As I was looking through my legs during the crawl bear, I distinctly remember the moment that BT mentioned someone wearing an “Ass-hat”… was right then that Flipper jumped to his feet like a shot from a gun. I don’t blame you Flipper. I wouldn’t want to wear my ass for a hat either.

    Nice Q DK. My favorite part was the 3 seconds after I thought I was done with the first round of 11’s. I never thought I could feel so free-eee-eeee!