Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

52 Cards, 2 Jokers, and No Option to Fold


Four of the faithful posted at GridIron on a chilly February morning. Johnsonville took the Q, and this is how it went down:

warm-up: ssh x33, merkins x32, don quiote, x31, air squats x25

mosey in front of school’s front entranceway: Take turns flipping a standard deck of cards and perform the following exercises:
hearts(9): burpees OYO x the number shown
heart facecards(3): wall thrusts OYO x15
diamonds(9): merkins in cadence x the number shown
diamond facecards(3): balls to the wall OYO x15
clubs(9): vee ups x the number shown (mixed between in cadence and OYO
club facecards(3): American hammers in cadence x15
spades(9): squats in cadence x the number shown
spade facecards(3): jump squats x15
aces (4): partner leg toss x25 then run the bus loop
jokers (2): bunny hop about 75 yards to fixed point, lunge back to start


Moleskin: YHC has not done a “deck of cards” workout before and decided to give it a try. It was MUCH harder workout than I thought it would be. My heart rate never slowed. We also went a few minutes over the alloted time (with the PAX’s approval) because no one wanted to walk away from several un-flipped cards.

Loose Goose was strongest at the burpees. YHC struggled at those after been injured trying to reach 3000 burpees in November.

During the COT, prayers went out to Flip Phone, who lost his mother several weeks ago. Flip Phone will remain in Memphis for the next few weeks getting things in order. Prayers also went out to Loose Goose, who is starting a new business.

Work hard this week, Gentlemen!



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