Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gears team posts for a trail run


7 regular trail runners showed up for a Sunday morning trail extravaganza.

The Thang:

Buttermilk trail to Forest Hill park, loop around Forest Hill Park. Faster runners take a loop around the lake to add a half mile to their run. Back to buttermilk and back to shovel flag.

Naked Moleskin:

One of the regulars, Circle K, showed up with his mountain bike this morning. Circle K had run yesterday afternoon with his M, but did not want to miss a Sunday morning on the trails. He took a loop on the Northbank and then around Forest Hill and met us on our trip around Forest Hill. Trails were in good shape, so no problem for Circle K or the runners.

Aisle 5 is an animal. That dude has heart. He is non-stop on the trail run, pumping out mile after mile. Impressive for a “Respect” guy. Wilson, Aisle 5 and I stayed together for most of the run. Good to run with the south side folks. Saab, Fudd and Lab Rat led the group around the loop. Aisle 5, Wilson and YHC covered 7.5 miles, Saab and Lab Rat 8.25. Fudd and Circle K….not sure.

Great 2nd F at Ellwoods after the run. Lab Rat was a little fired up about the lack of customer service given on ordering his breakfast, but was very happy after receiving his meal. Lots of chatting about the BRR. It is still quite a bit away, but I am already excited.


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  1. Glad I ran today. It was a tough one! Aisle 5 & I were chatting on way home how all the PAX today were in beast mode. We were thankful TYA hung with us. Aisle 5 even made the comment “I bet Saab if Saab took his shirt off he’d be really cut.” That comment caused a different conversation! Saab – choose the other van during the BRR! LOL. Thanks for a great run!

  2. LOL to put it mildly. Aisle 5, thanks for the vote of confidence, but get used to disappointment…everything is not what it seems…just ask Oyster.

    Coffee (Tea) at Elwoods was enjoyable. Lab Rat, sorry your interaction with staff was so unpleasant. Mine was rather favorable. Luck of the draw I suppose.

    Back to the game…

  3. Ahh, it wasnt so bad, but next time I will skip the hippie breakfast for something more conventional. Ate bacon and pancakes when I got home to get the weird taste out of my mouth.

    Thanks for slumming with me yesterday, Saab. I got to feel fast for a morning!

    Lab Rat

  4. I can’t thank you guys enough for not leaving me behind. Those trails get pretty confusing especially the one that keeps circling up and down the banks of that lake. Man, I would have been lost without TYA and Wilson. I hope to continue this trail run beat down until I can see the BRR in my rear view mirror. With determination, finishing is a given; but it may not be pretty. Thanks for s great run guys.

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