Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Road blockage


1 faithful with a bike, 1 FRGNG(Friendly RAMM Gears New Guy) with a bike, and 14 others that opted to go bike-less.


Ride down Grove through VCU to Belvidere around Battery Park, back up Main to Road Block, cut over to Grove, down to Three Chopt, back to MM to the virtual Shovel Flag.

COT by Lab Rat


KUDOS to TYA for joining the ever growing Bike version of F3, Two notes, 1) TYA does not have any lights or reflectors on his ride, 2) choses to wear dark clothing as well. In the past, YHC has been almost hit by a car while running, YHC can’t imagine what would have happened if Biking speed were involved.( the Metal carnage would have been huge!) Carytown Bike Co. has the lights, please go get them.

The term Freight Train was used to Describe YHC Speed ability when any decline presented itself. The Sheik is actually much more impressive than YHC when the Downhill race is taken up. The brakes tremble with fear.

As TYA and YHC wear headed back on Main Street, 3 cop cars, 1 fire engine, and 1 Ambulance were positioned to blocking the Route, with a quick change, we headed back over to Grove were the RAMM runners were in full force.

More names are being adding to the list of those that are willing to join the Gears group when the weather warms up( FUDD, Loose Goose, It is true that only the older guys can handle the cold); however, YHC looks forward to that day!


SEE TYA to sign up for the Blue Ridge Relay— Toga, It’s still in September.

Ask Wedding Singer about the Earth Day 5K race.


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  1. I witnessed Bleeder almost wrestle a jeep while running on Grove last year – TYA get some lights on that bike dude we need you healthy brother.. F3 Corporate will look into sponsoring our bikers – you guys are something in all that biking gear !
    Well done Bleeder & TYA – 11+ miles – heck of a way to start the day – I’m sure some of the younger guys will be trying to keep up with y’all soon Aye…..

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great to be back on the bike, but it’s been a while. Bleeder was rocking it out this am. Just cause your not running does not me your not getting a killer cardio beatdown. Cross training = good.

    Swirly, I’ll get some lights. Little dark out there without.

  3. Well done fellas. I’ll have to break my ride out one morning to join you. Lights are already on it and ready to go, just need to dust off the cobwebs.