Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A new Record for SOT


12 strong moseyed into the gloom.
The Thang
Mosey to the front of the school
20 x SSH
20x LBC
20x Imperial Walker
20x Shoulder Taps
20x Crab Cakes
Mosey to the basketball court.
Blackjack – length of basketball court
20 merkin/1 LBC
19 m/2 LBC
18 m/3 LBC
So forth and so on until numbers reverse
Mosey to hill in front of Tennis courts
Triple Nickle 5/5/5
Monkey Humpers
Circle Burp
Feet chop and drop for 2 burpees (12x)
Clock Merkins
1 round 10 each
Clock LBC
2 rounds 10 each
Ring of Fire
Air Squared position
3 each around and back

Record numbers posted at SOT this morning.

YHC was still recovering from yesterday’s Nifty Fifty and had thoughts of adjusting the morning beatdown to compliment yesterdays (ie. Burn out a different muscle group), however in true F3 fashion the PAX set a blistering pace and destroyed another chest & core workout.

Welcome to Transporter and 2 fng’s, Nacho Libre and Deflator, from Charlotte. They crushed it.

The typical F3 Elite level athletes, Splinter, Rosie, Wilson, HoneyDo, and Swirly represented as they always do.

As you would expect however, the Platinum level athletes continue to dominate; Ricky Bobby, Bleeder, and Dos Equis. At least that’s how YHC recalls!

Transporter invited/reminded the PAX of the 5 year F3 celebration coming up in March.

GREAT work by all men, well done!

Toga’s on Q at 45MoM – don’t miss it
See TYA about BRR
Bring your bike to RAMM Gears


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  1. Great Q Lugnut, yes my chest is burning after the last 2 beatdowns. You got a lot done in 45 min. That might be the fastest paced COP I have seen.

  2. Heck of a workout LugNut – good Q buddy! Loved the blackjack – although I could hardly wash my hair this morning..
    Let’s keep those record numbers up @ SOT !
    Well done today fella’s…
    See y’all in the gloom!

  3. Once again I’m glad I got out of the fartsack and made the long trek to SOT! I did however validate my fear of running solo to the AO. That random dude walking through looked tough. Great Q Lugnut! Be safe in Atlanta. Drive fast and take chances!

  4. Ouch. Nice Q Lug Nut.

    Thanks for the warm welcome back message from Swirly & Bleeder. PAX beware, F3Corporate is always watching. Don’t make the same mistake I made… POST AND POST OFTEN.

    Submit any and all vacation requests to Swirly for approval.

  5. Great Q. 2 days in a row with 50’s and Blackjack and I’m feeling it.
    My vacation request has been submitted to Swirly and F3 Corporate for approval, early word is I may not have banked enough vacation days and will have to dip into my sick days.

  6. Pax – its for your own good believe me ! So happy to see our good friend Splinter back. Yes well done Rosie getting your request in on time. I will evaluate what you have submitted and certainly try to accommodate you buddy – stay tuned…
    Should the pax have any questions please let me know.
    Executive Vice President
    F3 Corporate

  7. Swirly, I checked the F3 Corp Policy manual, turns out that BRR participants get additional vacation time, and anyone running the 10 mile grandfather mountain and Mountain Goat Hard legs get added sick days. Sign up for the BRR and get free F3 workouts until June 1st. See TYA for details.

  8. Excellent Bleeder – there ya go Splinter you still have Gold Stars in your file dude – no worries at all !
    Yes see TYA to sign up for BRR – he updates that spread sheet daily! No PTO during F3 Corporate BRR training pax – so don’t even consider sending that up the ladder for approval – all hands on deck baby!

  9. Rosie, be sure to bring your passport to the next time you post upon your return to confirm you actually went abroad. Swirly will expect a Spanish passport stamp, otherwise accusations of extended fartsacking could arise…

  10. Which way to the beach, boys? Way to stick to the original chest blast plan, Lug! (Psst, did corporate notice I missed?)

  11. Corporate noticed BT – however you have executive status and plenty of hours in the bank before any gold stars are removed… Way to own it though – that’s F3 Corporate material right there bro……

    F3 Corporate
    Executive Vice President