Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Nifty Fifty


17 Faithful gathered on an unseasonably warm morning to push themselves and celebrate a little more RESPECT within the PAX.  Here’s how it went down:


Mosey to the far parking lot for COP:

Arm circles x 12 in each direction, Abe Vigodas x 10, SSH x 50, Slow squats x 10, LBC’s x 20

Mosey to the corner of the parking lot nearest the bleachers for “50’s” utilizing merkins and squats in tandem repetitions of 40/10, 35/15, 30/20, 25/25, 20/30, 15/35, 10/40.

Split up for “Go for the G.O.L.D.” (modified 4 corners).  PAX divides into 4 groups and completes 2 circuits of the specificed exercise:

Corner 1: Gas pumps x 15

Corner 2: One-legged burpees x 5

Corner 3: Lt. Dan’s x 10

Corner 4: Dips x 20

Convene in the center of the parking lot for Ab-a-rama accompanied by period-appropriate tunes from Feb 2, 1966 and April 1965:

LBC’s to “We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles

Flutter Kicks to “No Matter What Shape Your Stomach’s In” by The T-Bones

Box Cutters to “The Birds and The Bees” by Jewel Akens

Head to Shovel Flag with “Stop in the Name of Love” after exercises completed for COT.


Given that today is Groundhog Day and it has been almost two months since our last Old Glory, many may have assumed that they were in store for yet another iteration of one of our favorite benchmarking workouts. Is YHC a one-trick pony when it comes to workouts?!  Not so fast!  Old Glory will resume, but today we celebrated the Golden Anniversary of the birth of one of our esteemed PAX!  “RESPECT” must be ushered in properly, and YHC was sure to bring the soothing sounds of the sixties to complete the party and muffle the cries of pain from the PAX.

It appears that YHC has had too much interaction with Lockjaw and Saab as he almost opted out of cadence in the first COP, and then almost skipped the Numberama. Turns out those are still part of a workout.  Bleeder showed up fully prepared for some sloshing around at NoToll with a sweet fatty mountain bike.  Apologies for not allowing full engagement, but Thursday should be pretty wet!  Much grumbling with YHC’s audible to amend our traditional Lindsay/40’s set to a 50’s set to start the day.  175 merks and 175 squats brought some real pain, and at one point YHC thought he had overdone it.  That said, all prevailed, although it was suggested that 50’s be retired (not by Swirly, mind you).  One-legged burpees are a lot harder than they look, but it appears EF Hutton may practice these at home as his form was perfect.

In researching for today’s beatdown, YHC found an article about exercises for men over 50 to avoid “Boomeritis,” otherwise known as pain/injury associated with older athletes when working out.  It suggested things like rotating your head in circles, doing 20 minutes of light cardio every week and working on your balance by standing on one foot and letting go of the shopping cart while at the grocery store.  I’m glad to say that those don’t apply to this group, and one need only to watch TYA (and listen to him run his mouth), Ricky Bobby, Aisle 5 or any of our other guys to know that.  Instead, they’re pounding out 175 merkins, running 5 miles or training for the BRR.  Aye, men!

The highlight had to be the Ab-a-rama.  What better way for a 50 yr old to celebrate his day then to work on his CORE?  Lots of mumble chatter here, but frankly YHC only heard mostly laughter mixed with grunts and shrieks of pain since the speaker was blasting in his ear.  As stated, thankfully Pink Floyd wasn’t topping the charts 50 years ago; 2 minutes is long enough.  YHC pulled the Top 10 from the week Aisle 5 was born as well as the month he may well have been conceived.  The titles of the songs ironically were perfect.


SOT chest beatdown Wednesday led by Lugnut.  Spring Break is right around the corner!

45MOM Thursday led by Toga

TYA’s daughter issued February Challenge:  10k step ups.  Can’t use the automatic stair-chair this month, TYA!

Great workout, men.  AYE!





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  1. Well done, gents! Hope it was as fun as it was painful. I’m feeling it pretty good about now. Happy Birthday, Aisle 5! Respect!

  2. 50’s baby! – that was a beat down BT – love it- well done as usual! (My apologies to the pax for the loud grunting made while banging those merkins out – although if you thought that was bad you should have heard me last Sat with those damn derkins Saab had us doing…
    Yep 1 legged merkins suck and honestly so do gas pumps….
    Happy Birthday Aisle 5 # Respect bro!
    Great job today fella’s see y’all in the gloom……
    ps. My Sirius XM is back up so I won’t be so pissy in the morning 🙂 – was having freaken withdrawls this AM..

  3. Definitely no practice in the Hutton home, just didn’t want to get embarrassed by the #RESPECT crew.

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Enjoyed the beatdown BT. Always and interesting workout when you are at the helm. Bitching about exercises means you are doing a good job. So maybe next time it should be 60’s. RESPECT Aisle 5, welcome to the club. AYE!

  5. I think you mean “conceived” rather than “received”.
    Great workout…RESPECT to Aisle 5!

  6. I must confess some 50 year old guys aren’t very proficient with new technology. I have been locked out of this app since I Q’d a few months ago and Wilson has been in NYC so I’ve been on my own to try and to figure out how to comment on BT’s RESPECT-ful Q. Thanks BT you started my day out with a blast. I wanted to thank you all for the fellowship you have shared since my FNG status. I have always felt welcomed here and believe I am getting stronger physically, mentally and spiritually each week that I participate. I am looking forward to continuing my growth as I try and take on the challenge of the BRR. I know I will get by with a little help from my friends. Respectfully yours Aisle 5.