Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Off Script, Sort of…


Two faithful arrived, surrounded by 18 other Faithful who opted not to bring bikes, for some RAMM GEARS.


After briefly listen to RAMM’s Q described routes, which included Dog legs, Round-a-bouts and some form of Monuments.

RAMM Gears’ Q opted for riding down Grove to Boulevard then back to Three Chopt and back until we hit about 10 miles then back to the Shovel Flag.

COT With the RAMM Group


KUDOS to the Sheik for making the continual appearances with Bike in tow. Although today may not have been the best day to forgot ones helmet. With Temps just above freezing, Patches of ice were frequent. Both riders maintained steady control, with only minor slippage in one area.

As we came back by the RAMM group giving words of encouragement, YHC realized TOGA was giving us a Bird Signal. Looking for birds this early in the morning can be challenging, but apparently TOGA knows how to flick one!

As we passed Big Ben and Parliament for the third and fourth times on our ride; The Sheik commented that Gravity seemed to be effecting us more and more, especially on the climb from 195 to Malvern on Grove. We manage to make our loop and circle back to catch Lug Nut on his way back to the Shovel Flag. On our Trek back down Westmorland, YHC realizes that TYA was just turning at Grove. The Sheik suggested we drop into stealth mode and do a Fly-by at Close Range with TYA; It was surprisingly successful.

Anyone is welcome to join the RAMM Gears! Thanks to DK for getting on the F3RVA weekly Calendar


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  1. Gravity giveth, and gravity taketh away.

    A quote from the esteemed Tony Soprano popped into my mind today, “I think it’s time for you to start to seriously consider salads.”

  2. It was a good run for the non-gear heads! Kudos to Aisle 5 for achieving his first 5 mile run! Its all I heard about on the ride home “gotta get ready for BRR”. Blah blah blah! LOL Seriously great job Aisle.

  3. Interesting thing about the bird. Toga caught me at a light and gave me a similar prolonged salute. It could have been considered odd, except it was from Toga.