Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ride Rabbit, Ride!


10 Faithful RVA PAX and 1 FNG posted for a cold workout at SOT. The thermometer read 14, but it felt sunny & 70. It went something like this:


Circle bus loop (Bleeder = 2 laps on bike)

COP: 28 SSH, 28 Crab Cakes, 28 American Hammers, 28 Russian Soldiers, 14 Merkins

Circle bus loop (Bleeder = 2 laps on bike)

COP: 10 minutes of burpees with a twist (lbc’s instead of burpees)

Circle bus loop (Bleeder = 2 laps on bike)

Jack Rabbit Loops: variation of Love Hill around the Bus Loop, combined with the speed and comradery of Blimps
Jack (Bleeder) is the Rabbit on the bike (Wilson and Aisle 5 traded once or twice). PAX performs a slow moving exercise until the Rabbit catches the 6. Leaders return to 6. Start again. Exercises included:
Lunges, Backward Run, Broad Jump Burpees, Imperial Squat Walkers, Sideways Curb Crawlers (each side), bear crawl, crab walk, maybe more?

Run half a lap to bus loop

Ascending Curb Crawls with a Twist: Bear Crawl, Merkin, LBC – increment merkins by 1 and LBCs by 5 each time
Crawl Bear on evens (2 & 10, 4 & 20, 6 & 30, etc)
OYO until time was called (most made it to 6)

Mosey back to VSF for quick COP: 28 Flutter Kicks, 10 Don Quixotes


Welcome to Dos Equis! Solid performance on a cold day that kept many of the regulars in the fartsack. Since Dos Equis has 4 daughters, YHC was toying with calling him Ocho Equis…but Dos Equis stuck.

Respect to all the PAX who yelled “Darrell Green” at the 28s!

YHC thought we’d be able to get 3 full loops of the Jack Rabbit Loops in…as it turned out, the PAX made it 3/4 of the way around.

When YHC announced 10 Minutes of Burpees, Honey Do let out the biggest groan of disappointment…only to be rewarded with a massive head start for the day for this month’s LBC challenge. YHC is fairly certain that Honey Do would have dominated the burpees; he was just looking out for his FNG and didn’t want to scare him away from F3.

Aisle 5 and Bleeder do NOT adjust their bicycle seats to the same position. Although this would allow for them to very easily ride tandem on a bicycle built for one: Bleeder on the seat and Aisle 5 standing while pedaling. Terrific visual on a hump day…


Hump Day Happy Hour TONIGHT @ Postbellum: 4:30pm.

Lockjaw on the Q tomorrow at 45MOMM

Snowpocalypse on Friday.


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  1. Thanks for all the LBCs DK. Alas the groan on the 10 min burpees pronouncement was for me alone. Great to see a good PAX brave the cold this am.

  2. Solid Q DK. I could barely move @ the start of the LBC’s because of all the ab work Bleeder threw our way @ No Toll.. Let me reassure YHC that I am not on speed or cocaine – I’m just all in!!! Appreciate YHC recognizing the effort that’s put forth each and every day- the pax and their commitment to the workout and each other are what motivate me to jump out of the fart sack each and every morning ready to attack the workout with my F3 brothers..
    Welcome Dos Equis ! Props to all who made it out this very cold morning – especially to Bleeder and the others who took a turn on the bike – wow that’s a whole other level !!
    See y’all in the gloom….Aye !

  3. Great Q today in the 70 and sunny gloom. Between Bleeder’s ab work and the 10 minutes of burpees (LBCs) the PAX has gotten in some solid LBC head starts so far this week.