Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Beast Returns To Dogpile!


13 strong showed up in the gloom this breezy Saturday morning ready to go!

COT : 25 SSH, 20 IW, 15 windmills, 20 AC

Mossy to the Carillon full field for :  The Beast – 6 reps of exercise 6 @ the 25, 50 and 25 yard lines up and back to the starting line. 1  Merkins,2  LBC’s,3 Squats,4 Workins,5 WW11,6 Burpees.

Mossy to Love Hill : Partner up – partner up  run up to the top of the hill , partner 2 does exercise and then switch. Exercise’s : Lunges, Walking Russian Solder, Walkout Merkins.

Mossy to Pull up station : 3 sets of 5 overhand pull ups and 5 dips

mossy to patio : Ring of Fire – 10 Merkins

Mossy to Flag for some Mary – 50 LBC’s 20 APD, 20 leg lifts, 20 6 inches, 20 Roselitas 10 flutter kicks.


The pax showed up early and was ready to go this morning – even Fudd!

YHC heard a huge sigh when calling out the first exercise as The Beast – but the pax attacked it and put forth great effort in order to conquer The Beast….That doqpile beast is no joke..  Love Hill was especially dark and gloomy this morning and we were greeted at the bottom by those not so friendly dogs – therefore the pax started off about 30 yards from the gate and the dogs… The Walking Russian Solder was a new exercise introduced into the love hill rotation and once Aisle 5 figured out opposite hand opposite leg he was rolling… Love Hill was her typical self ( a bitch) but the pax again pushed hard and made it to the top.. YHC was concerned we may have some trouble making it up there though –  not because of the dark, but because of Fudd’s head lamp that was freaken blinding us all…..

It would not be a Swirly Q @ dogpile without some pull ups so as to not disappoint the pax we made our way over to the pull up station to everyone’s delight:) Lot’s of grunting and heavy breathing but the Pax banged them out in true F3 fashion – way to represent guys!

Fudd let YHC know there was still a bit of time once we finished the ring of fire so YHC threw in a nice round of Mary @ the end to top things off – yep lot’s of moaning and groaning there too….

Great job today fella’s – felt like we ran all over that park today – it was  a good solid workout.

Announcements :

Frosbite Challenge tomorrow – Go Honeydo and others who are participating in this event.

Hump day Happy Hour – this coming Wed – DK taking the lead on that – let’s all try to catch up and have a few beers….

Fudd Q – Monday Punisher

Bleeder – Tuesday No Toll

DK Wed – SOT

Lockjaw – Thursday MM

TYA – Friday RAMM

Sippy Cup – Sat Dogpile

See y’all in the gloom – Aye!




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  1. That looks solid, and really mossy. The more groaning the better, and I’m looking forward to being back in the mix soon.

  2. Signature Swirly workout…quite the beat-down. Great job…we did just about everything. Periodic “sounds” emitting from Fudd(?) provided the occasional distraction.

  3. Elsa sang “Let it Go”, and that’s what I do when the feeling strikes me Saab. Seems to happen more often on the mornings after I drink single-malt. Coincidence?

    Great Q as usual Swirly. Extra Tclaps to you for not missing a workout since this summer (excluding Sunday trail runs). That’s strong work! Aye!

  4. Awesome workout Swirly. Not a single muscle was omitted to feel left out. I think the Seals were envious of the Prom Dates too.

  5. Where/when does this thing launch on Sat? Asking for a friend coming up from CLT.

    With a little love…