Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Every Mile Was Magic


1 PAX posted for a running workout in sunny Orlando, Florida.


Drink water, drink powerade, stretch, run 1 mile.  Rinse and repeat 26 times.  Consume a goo every 4 iterations or so.  Dodge 25,000 Minnie Mouse skirts along the way.  Then stumblejog 0.2 miles.


It was 70 degrees and sunny, so employees of Legoland were wearing standard issue long pants and fleeces AND ski jackets.  Legoland is at the former site of Cypress Gardens.  Despite the frigid weather, the waterski show went on.

YHC, M, and 2.0 discovered Machine Gun America, but did not have a chance to go fire a few rounds because of the trip to Legoland, so it looks like the pull for a return trip to Orlando is as strong as ever.

There was some discussion on the day before the race about reasonable goals to set.  A guy working the pace info booth suggested shooting to beat Oprah’s best marathon time.  Mission accomplished!  The highlight of the route for YHC was an unexpected lap around the Braves’ spring training field.

After the race, YHC went for a massage (Disney hadn’t separated him from enough of his money?).  In a crowded room of tables, he was directed towards a rather attractive young woman, then suddenly awakened from his marathon brain, “Sir, you’re over here,” with big-bearded Bubba.  Bubba proceeded to tenderize YHC like he was that night’s Chicken Marsala.  Tomorrow will tell if Bubba knew what he was doing.

YHC is glad to be done with solo long runs, and anxious to get back working out with the PAX!




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