Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Find a Tree !


14 strong showed up in the foggy gloom to take on Dogpile.

COT :  20 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Windmills, 20 LBC’s, 5 burpee’s

Shuffle steps – run up steps touching each one – 10 merkins at the top run down steps touching each one 10 WW2 sit ups – repeat 3 times.

Find a tree : Circle up – sprint to find a tree in the dark – sprint back to the circle and plank. 1st set find 4 trees, 2nd find 6, 3rd find 8, 4th find 10.

Pull up station : 5 overhand 5 underhand 5 hanging crunches 5 dips – 3 sets

Amp Theater steps : Incline merkin ladder going up the ladder add 1 merkin  each step finish at the top with 18 and touchdown Al Gore at the top. Decline merkin back down 1 decline merkin on each step going down. Bear crawl back up the steps and plank.

Triple Check : Partner 1 runs up and back the length of the Carillon  field, partner 2 slow bending squats, partner 3 leg lifts. 3 times…

Mary : 20 LBC’s 20 cross legged lifts 10 each leg, 10 APD’s

Ring of Fire : 10 Merkins run around the circle – finish up with superman.

Great work today fella’s way to bring it I love the effort!

At first YHC thought there would only be 13 of us today – I just couldn’t believe that BT hadn’t shown up yet but thankfully he slid in just in time to not miss another  Swirly Q – Atta baby BT!

Thankfully there were no injuries while the pax sprinted to find trees in the dark.. Props to Bleeder for sprinting to those trees on his Bike and not wrecking – there was a bit of a traffic jam out there in the dark…

Proud of everyone for banging out those pull ups – ( BT and I were talking at the end – that was 3 times this week we had some pull ups in the work outs) Love it!

I’m not sure what the deal is with Fudd and following freaken directions but at least he did go back and correct his error with more merkins during the merkin ladder.  Pay attention Fudd!!

The pax pushed hard on the triple check – Aisle 5 mentioned to YHC that he heard YHC Q’s are sure to be mostly upper body – as the pax can see from the last 2 Q’s YHC like to mix in a little running too… Yeah never know with a Swirly Q..

Solid overall workout guys – great way to start the weekend.

Announcements : Do you want to challenge yourself, push yourself, take it to the next level physically and mentally, be a part of a great team and compete?  Well then fella’s  –  be thinking about the BRR it’s around the corner… Any questions get  with TYA. You can bet I’ll be there – Hey Christmas van if your out there – I’m coming – we are coming – F3 Corporate baby – Boom Shakalaka!!


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  1. Great Q Swirly! Missed you for the double dip. Good job by Honey Do for providing a solid double dip. I am still laughing at Aisle 5 “Saab you have a deceptively strong upper body!” Good job Sasb!

  2. Well done, Swirly! The ascending amphitheater steps are always tough, no matter what the exercise. The more pull ups we do, the easier they get…sort of. And kudos for fastest BB posting.

  3. Great Q Swirly. Good mix of upper body and leg movement (what I use to refer to as running prior to injury). As usual, Wilson maintained a steady level of humorous commentary to distract from the pain. Thanks to Aisle 5 for the compliment. I anticipate if you had nicer legs and were female I would have been a bit turned on. : )

  4. Great Q, as usual Swirly. My arms are smoked from the amphitheater. Watch out for Saab when Aisle 5 goes home shirtless.