Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Intervals with Exhaust Fumes and Methane


Ten of the faithful and one FNG posted on this frigid, but clear, January morning to improve their bodies and clear their minds. The temperature was somewhere in the 14F-17F range. Johnsonville planted a VSF and took the Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

Mosey under large oaks in the center of the bus loop for a COP.
50x ssh
50x LBCs (Wilson guest Q)
15x Scapula Merkins
25x Long Slow Squats

Mosey to bus loop.
3x 300m intervals around bus loop

Chiabatta (Standing Mountain Climbers / Bunny Hops)
10 Burpees

3x 300m intervals around bus loop

25x Mountain Climbers
25x Freddie Mercuries
Elbow Planks
10x Merkins

4x 300m intervals around bus loop

Mosey to VSF.
25x American Hammers


The fact that this would be a run-oriented workout was pre-blasted on the Q signup sheet. YHC was confident that information would chase away all but a handful. Such was not the case, however. It appears that men of F3Richmond are not easily intimidated. Strength and good spirits were on display this morning!

School buses were warming up in our AO and belching out a carbon footprint that would make Al Gore envious (see this Newsweek Article). One unnamed member of the PAX was also exhausting large quantities of foul methane. Those things, along with dense, Arctic air, was a noxious combination that left a burn in YHC’s lungs.

The 300m distance for repeats is tough because it draws out speed, yet demands a painful push of stamina during the last 100m. Fudd was consistently in the lead, with a few men pushing fairly closely behind him. Several men are not able to run at the moment, and instead did 600m crit intervals on their mountain bikes while the rest of the PAX ran.

FNG Antivirus probably psyched himself up for a crossfit-type workout morning and instead was dealt mostly run intervals. He dug deep this morning and pushed through. Great job, Antivirus!

FEBA! Johnsonville


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  1. Independently and without announcing or warning, Wilson & I dutch-ovened ourselves in our winter gear during the initial COP. Unfortunately for him, Fudd was sandwiched in between and could not escape.

  2. Nice Job Jville! My face and fingers are just know regaining feeling, I saw later that emergency crews were deployed to a school on Southside do to Gas leak, I’m sure it’s unrelated.