Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Debut of Prefontaine at #GridIron


Eight of the faithful and one FNG (Prefontaine) posted an a chilly, but not frigid, January morning, to work off some of that holiday excess. Johnsonville planted a VSF and took the Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

25x SSH
25x DonQuiote
25x Imperial Walkers
25x LBCs

Mosey to playground
25x Long Slow Squats
11s (lat pulls on playground equipment and merkins)

Mosey to pavilion behind playground
25x Dollies
11s (dips and step ups)

Mosey back to bus lane and meet up with double dippers
25x hillbillies
Short mosey to pillars
11s (standing mountain climbers and pole smokers)

Mosey to garden area behind school
50x LBCs led by HoneyDo
11s (lunges and wall thrusts)

Mosey back to VSF. COT


Five of the PAX joined after the 2nd round of elevens, arriving en masse from #DogPile.

YHC was very pleased to get Prefontaine out after a year or more of headlocks. Prefontaine recently had a knee replaced and suffered some complications from that. He is back in good health and particularly strong at core work and ground & pound.

This workout was fairly leg-centric, largely because YHC is still nursing a shoulder injury brought on by my failed attempt at hitting 3000 burpees in December. The elevens with lunges and wall thrusts were the most challenging part of the workout. Everyone pushed themselves very hard through that. Swirly was the top-finisher.

The PAX enjoyed good fellowship at the post-workout coffeeteria. The Daily Grind, our normal Saturday establishment, was closed due to the holidays. Fortunately, we were able to secure a large table at a nearby Starbucks.

Happy New Years and FEBA!


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  1. Great beatdown Jville. Welcome Pre! Also think we might have Offshore hooked as a double dipper.