Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Workout with no name!


Three posted in a foggy, dark, damp gloom at SOT!


Mosey to front of school for COP.

30 SSH

30 Mountain Climbers

30 Merkans

30 LBC’s

30 Cross Leg Lifts

Mosey around school to football field for some Bermuda Triangle – since we respect our fields south of the river, the whole Bermuda Triangle workout was lost………..moved to the track for a row of pain.

Cones set up every 30 yards

5 burpees at each cone for each round

Bear Crawl to each cone (round 1), Karaoke (round 2), Backwards Run (round 3)

2 laps around track each round

Triangle of Mary – Dealers choice 2 rounds

Mosey back to virtual flag. Swirly did not bring his and Singer & I do not have one!

Mole Skin

So today’s workout was supposed to be focused on what happened on a forgotten day in history. December 30th! YHC arrived earlier than normal to set out the cones for the Bermuda Triangle, but as I pulled up I realized that there was NO way I would walk out there in what seemed to be the DARKEST and foggiest gloom I have been to. Plus I am afraid of the dark! 🙂 Thankfully Swirly showed up and escorted me out to the field. We both assessed that the field was a soggy mess and south of the river fields demand respect! Audible called and moved it to the track. No Bermuda Triangle. 🙁

The fellas did a great job with the audible. Nice job!

Some facts about December 30th.

Bill Poulian was hired as the Buffalo Bills GM in 1985 & Its National Bacon Day!


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  1. Solid workout this morning – well done Wilson and Singer – Did I mention I hate bear crawls …
    See y’all in the gloom!