Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thames not James


1 PAX posted for a Sunday morning run on the Thames. Hoped it would be a trail run, but no trails to be found, so settled for a riverside walkway. It was an F3 workout, so weather was 70 degrees and Sunny. In reality it was mid fifties with a bit of light rain now and then, typical London Weather.

The Thang:

Gather outside 10 St Georges Square. Walk to Pimlico tube station for the start. Run across the Vauxhall bridge to the south side of the river. Follow the river side path towards the city center. Run along the path to the Southwark Bridge and back over to the north side of river. Back to Vauxhall bridge road, run past he Pimilico tube and back to 10 St. Georges Square.

Naked Moleskin

Run was very reminiscent of typical Sunday morning run in many ways. Crossed the river from the south side to north side and back along the way, just like on the Sunday trail run. Distance covered was about the same…somewhere between 7 and 8.5 miles. Run was all right next to the river. I started at about noon London time, same time as the group leaves for the sunday morning runs back in Richmond on Eastern Standard Time.

It was also very different. No trails, so very little tripping hazards and plenty of time to focus on the misery of running. Lots of congestion along the way. I ran along a very popular stretch of the river during one segment and spent a good amount of time dodging people. No companionship on the run. Total bummer. It is much easier to start and keep rolling with fellow PAX members running along with you. I truly missed my fellows runners out there today.

Saw a lot of the local sights along the way. Passed Big Ben twice. The first time it was ringing its Twelve O’clock chime. Ran past the London Eye, London Aquarium, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tate Museum and many other sights.

A few observations along the way. 1) had to continuously remind myself which way to look when crossing streets (Look right, then Left). I don’t know how tons of tourists are not run over yearly…such a hard habit to change. 2) I love the custom of women who are walking together to walk arm in arm. I know they are not all Lesbians, but the mental image is still awesome. 3) There are a lot of young single/dating people in London. Both on my run, on the tube and out to dinner at night I see couples everywhere. 4) Women seem to out number men in London by a fair amount. Saw lots of Mom/daughter combinations, single women together, etc. At one point on the run I actually counted and I counted 67 women to 32 men.

TYA out. Next workout Tuesday Morning in Hyde Park. I here it is going to be an epic beatdown. TYA on Q.


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  1. Look Pax, Big Ben, Parliament!

    Your absence was felt yesterday morning….who knew you were running with us, albeit on the wrong river.

  2. There seems to be a theme here. Were you somewhat discreet while walking around with a clicker to count tomatoes? Does Mrs Aggressor know what you were doing?

  3. Enjoyed the conversation. Agree the clockwise direction around Forest Hill park is the (relatively) less strenuous option. In response to the volume of reminders, yes I did fix the headlamp.

    Good conversation. Enjoyed the run in the frigid morning.


  4. Great backblast!! It almost felt as if I was there running along side of you. Only in reality, we all know I would have been running many steps behind you. Enjoy your time in London.

  5. First off, I clearly responded to the wrong back-blast – meant to throw that back to Lab Rat who did a nice Q last Sunday.

    Great run-down TYA. I trust you see very few Land Rovers. My theory is they produce them for export only – only retaining those that have properly functioning electrical systems.

    Stay close and safe. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Please run carefully, Calculating the ratios of male-female per Land Rover per mile might be too
    Much distraction as you are having to Q the run as well!!! Have Fun, Stay safe!!! Merry Christmas to the TYA Fam!!