Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Forest Hill Loop Show-and-Tell


6 faithful, plus 2 future FNG’s showed up for a chilly but gorgeous morning run along the trails of the RVA this morning, here’s the down and dirty:  Leave from the Pump House parking lot across the Nickle Bridge to Buttermilk.  At Reedy Creek, take the service tunnel to Forest Hill Loop.  Around the loop back to Reedy Creek, then back the way we came (with a slight detour on “the spur”).  Ended up tallying up 7 miles and change on the GPS.  Toga was on a time crunch, so continued on down buttermilk to North Bank (taking potential FNG’s with him).  Bummer.

Notes from this morning:

-Toga teaches Sunday School (we prayed for the children.)  Also, Toga continues to bring a surprising number of new guys to workouts.  YHC believes he could sell ice to Eskimos.

-Saab has a busted headlight, passenger side

-Doner Kebab can pull off royal blue tights….who knew?

-Lockjaw’s running program would leave most mortal men crippled. YHC doesnt know how he does it.

-DO NOT bet against Oyster on a race across Nickle Bridge, that is a sucker bet.

-The guy that did the whale imitation in “Down Periscope” was Harland Williams.



Saab has the Q Thursday.  He is perusing the Exicon to put together a doozy.

Bleeder is the Q tomorrow at Punisher.  Bring a kettlebell if you got one.

No RAMM Friday for Christmas.




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  1. DK’s royal blue tights….not unlike those the Bills wear. Hopefully not an unintentional omen of the outcome of today’s game.

  2. Thanks for leading! My two “sort of FNGs” have a phobia of burpees and workouts that don’t get canceled because of bad weather. I’m going to keep working on it.