Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Virgin-Q Remix


Yes, I know it’s still just a run, but here goes….

15 faithful and 2 FNG’s gathered on this beautiful morning to suck air in their lungs and pump blood thru their veins.  Everybody headed west on Grace, then North on Libbie, then East on Monument.  The 4 milers returned to Mary Munford on Commonwealth, the 5 milers came back on Lafeyette, and the 6 milers went to Roseneath, returning on Grace.  Although this route looked great on paper, it turns out that Monument Avenue around Libbie is a little dicey to be running against morning traffic.  The smarter bet is to keep things heading towards the city, and the more runner friendly roads.

Welcome to the Pax to both BooBoo (Grizzly’s son, sorry I forgot your hospital name) and Party Favor (David Gillesipie).  We hope that you will come join us again soon!

Also YHC would be remiss if he didnt mention the posting of Bleeder this morning on a non-impact two wheeled contraption (bicycle).  YHC has not had the pleasure of getting to know Bleeder very well, but can see that he (Bleeder) is a pillar of f3 Richmond.  Heal fast, Bleeder!

Overall a great run this morning.  YHC is continuously humbled by the stellar men he gets the pleasure of associating himself with in the mornings lately.  For that, he is Thankful.


-#RAMM is officially cancelled next week for Christmas.

-45MOM on 12/24 will be VQ’d by no other than SAAB, make sure you clear your schedule for that!

-Swirly has the Q at Dogpile in the morning.  You have been warned…




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  1. Sorry to have missed the run, the VQ week wore me out! Looking forward to more Lab Rat Qs, be they “official” or not.