Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

12 Days of Christmas at #NoToll


19 strong gathered on a warm December morning for a Christmas song themed beatdown.

The Thang


12 x SSH IC

12 x Imperial Walkers IC

12 x Don Quixote IC

Mosey to the pavilion to begin the 12 days of Christmas.  Just like the song, do the first exercise, then do the 2nd and 1st together, then do the 3rd, 2nd and 1st and continue through all 12 “days”.  The exercises were as follows:

Day 1 – Dozen LBCs (144 total)

Day 2 – 2 Sprints across the field (22 total)

Day 3 – 3 Diamond Merkins (30 total)

Day 4 – 4 Imperial Squat Walkers (36 total)

Day 5 – 5 “Golden” Burpees (40 total)

Day 6 – 6 Dips (42 total)

Day 7 – 7 Lunges (each leg) (42 each leg)

Day 8 – 8 Decline merkins (40 total)

Day 9 – 9 American Hammer IC (36 total)

Day 10 – 10 Flutter kicks IC (30 total)

Day 11 – 11 Reverse crunches IC (22 total)

Day 12 – 12 Broad jump burpees (52 total burpees)

Mosey to the front field for a ring of fire with merkins and quick plankorama.

Mosey back to shovel flag for COT.


YHC was appreciative of the strong turnout for my VQ, it was a pleasure to take the lead this AM.  It took a couple rounds to get used to being on the Q side of the cadence but it started to get easier as the workout progressed.  Toga called out YHC on the Weinke in my pocket but it did not need to be used.  Always good to bring protection, especially on the VQ.  It was great to see Wedding Singer again, most of us know how a 2.0 can wreak havoc on the schedule and sleep habits.  Ricky Bobby put his motor into top gear and blew by YHC on a few of the sprints.

YHC started to mosey at 0530 and a few of the PAX almost got run over by Fudd coming in hot.  Fudd may have a few dents in the back of the car from the PAX gently tapping the back.  YHC was encouraged to alter the workout to include flipping Fudd’s ride but we had a Christmas song to get to.

There was very little mumblechatter during the 12 days but the pre-game discussions were lively yet again.  Swirly heard a list of words and phrases used before 0530 that have rarely been uttered that early in the morning.

VQ week in RVA with Circle K yesterday, YHC today, Aisle 5 at SOT and a rumor of Offshore at 45MOM.  Lab Rat’s Q of the trail run was questioned as a valid VQ but he is also signed up for Friday RAMM so we may need an official ruling of the VQ there.  Toga has volunteered to handle the official rulings.

Great way to start the day men!


HDHH Wednesday at 6 at American Taproom.  Lockjaw posted the pre-blast.

EMC Christmas party at 3106 Lanvale Ave. Thursday.  Contact Lugnut for more info.

3rd F by Earthworm at the coffeeteria Saturday after Gridiron.


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  1. Nice virgin Q Rosie! Sorry about almost running you over. Seeing Toga out of the corner of my eye caused me to jerk the wheel in that direction. Not sure why……must have been my sub-conscious.

    On a different note, I saw 6 shooting stars/meteors during today’s workout. According to NASA, the Geminid meteor shower peaked this morning. You won’t see that inside a gym!!

  2. Great job on the V Q and keeping everyone moving! Maybe next time we assign singers for each of the days. That could be interesting…

  3. Assigning the days to others would have been a good idea since no one wants to hear me sing. My kids tell me to stop and the dog runs away if I try.

  4. Lab rat is cool with remaining in the Virgin territory until he q’s a true workout, but will still continue to help out with runs until TYA is back stateside. It felt a little cheap to be honest, just like the loss of my other virginity.