Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Watch Out Homestead, Here Comes Swirly


6 gathered in the fall chill to stretch the legs and enjoy #SoT. Mosey to the basketball courts for COP:

– SSH x 25
– Mountain Climbers x 20
– Don Quixote’s x 20
– LBCs x 25

The Thang:
– Mosey around the school for a quick warm up run.
– Stop at the bus loop for everyone’s favorite, curb crawls. Bear crawl forward, crawl bear backwards, up to 8, repeat 8 and back down. Ouch. 72 total merkins.
– Mosey to track for around the world. Partner up and run opposite directions around the track. When you meet your partner stop and do an exercise. Then continue around the track to the start and repeat exercises. 20 at each stop. Exercises included PLTs, Wilson’s Wife, Stuart Scott Merkins. 40 total merkins for those counting.
– Saunter to end zone for plank hurdles. All start in plank in the end zone. One PAX runs 10 yards and planks, then next runs to the first person, hurdles and then runs 10 more yards and planks. Continue in leapfrog fashion until you reach the other endzone.
– Commence 4 Corners of Mary on the football field. 10 WW1 situps, 20 2-count russian twists, 30 2-count flutter kicks, 40 LBCs. Run between each station. Repeat until time runs out.

Thanks for the south siders for welcoming a Splinter Q. The runs between the exercises this morning was supposed to get the body temperature up on a cool morning. Mission accomplished until 4 corners of mary where YHC’s backside proceeded to go numb.

Kudos to the PAX on the curb crawls. Last time YHC pulled that out we only went up to 6 and the distance between the crawls was much shorter. Nice work pushing through the pain.

Clearly YHC needs a lesson on Wilson’s Wife. The description resulted in three different exercises amongst the PAX pairings. The intent of the exercise was to have the person grabbing the ankles perform the shoulder press. TClaps to Swirly and Wilson who demonstrated the ranger version, essentially hand stand merkins.

Apparently the infamous Swirly’s Sausage Balls are making an appearance at TDay tomorrow at a special edition celebration at the Homestead. Fair warning to the Hot Springs resort to ensure the septic is in working order.


  • Turkey Trots at UR & Salisbury
  • 11/26 45MOM workout will be a 1 hour workout @ 7:00. Charlotte visitors and TYA has Q.
  • Wilson’s friend is looking for a reliable used car, sub $8k. Contact Wilson if you have a source.

Safe thanksgiving travels to all.



  1. Tough workout this chilly morning. Well done. The curb crawls were tough. I’m sensing a trend with Splinters Q’s. Pickle pounders, grabbing ankles and focus on Swirly’s sausage balls! Intervention needed?Looking forward to the TYA workout. See ya then.

  2. Great work guys! That was a tough one for sure…. Especially the Wilson’s wife push ups after a curb crawl…
    My sausage balls are awesome if you like hot stuff 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving my F3RVA brothers …

  3. I see what you did there. Transitioned right from you questioning my approach, to Swirly’s sausage balls, to TYA. Now who’s got the problem?

  4. I really have nothing to say other than it sounds like I missed a good one and please continue this witty banter.

  5. I’m on the road tonight headed out of town for Bird day, so I will see you all next week. But, I might make a uturn and head to the Homestead!

  6. Missed yall this morning, but got some leg work in. Working out Saturday with our brothers to the south…posting to Florence, sc f3. See yall next week