Wednesday, August 17
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#SOT and The Beast in Near-Total Darkness


Seven of the faithful posted on a dry and comfortable mid-autumn morning to work their bodies and quiet their minds. Johnsonville planted a shovel flag and took the Q. This is what went down, more or less:

Mosey to greenspace under large white oaks for COP:
25x SSHs
25x Don Quiotes
10x Carolina Drydocks
25c LBCs

Mosey to side entrance of school:
triple play with wall sits, planks (or merkins for those enjoying the #merkinchallenge, including YHC), and run to end of bus loop and back

Mosey to top of bus loop:
20x burpees OYO
100x LBCs OYO
plank sequence
2x superman

Mosey back to football field for a Beast, including:
Round 1: merkins
Round 2: Freddie Mercury
Round 3: mountain climbers
Round 4: Alabama prom dates
Interlude: 1 min elbow plank
Round 5: penmanship
Interlude: 1 min elbow plank
Round 6: merkins
Interlude: 1 min elbow plank



Although it was nearly completely dark, it looked like Swirley led most or all of the Beast legs, putting in a strong #redpill performance. The rest of the PAX seemed to drag a bit more than usual for some reason, and several even suggested that I cut the Beast short under several questionable pretexts (e.g., the field was “muddy”; and 20 minutes is not long enough to complete a beast). In the end, the PAX embraced the #gloom and pushed through.

Pele (a HATEx3) teamed up with Swirley on the triple play and appeared to push Swirley’s run pace significantly.

Wilson has been unable to post for some time due to his work schedule. It was good to see him out and to catch up with him this morning. Wilson suggested that his wife is pressing him to post, and we are grateful for that.

Keep up the hard work! Johnsonville

– 2nd F Hump Day Happy Hour TODAY
Meet at Ardent Brewery @ 6pm for a 3.75-4.5 mile run. Ardent is located at 3200 W. Leigh St.
We will start and finish at Ardent so no need to set shuttle. It is recommended to bring a light to help navigate the back streets.
– Normal workouts this week (NO Q SCHOOL THIS WEEKEND)
– Possible change in time/duration of Thursday workout on Thanksgiving. Stay posted …


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  1. Great Q! I am still amazed we finished the beast. Yes I wanted it cut short and there was mud out there! I’m gonna feel it today. Nicely done Jville!