Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dora comes to Dogpile


10 regulars gathered around the shovelflag on a brisk morning at Dogpile.  The PAX was not cold for long as we got right to it:


COP:  SSH x25, 10(20) Merkins, 25 Lbc’s, Imperial Walkers x25

Mosey to the other Roundabout circle and down Rugby hill, pair up for:

Dora 1,2,3:  100 Burpees ,  200 Merkins , 300 Boxcutters

1 partner runs up hill to circle and back while other performs exercise.

Mosey to Amphitheater for:  Escalator (Mary Version) with 20 Merkins thrown in before the start

Increasing set of Ab exercises going up series of step with 15 reps of exercise for each step:

Step 1 – Boxjumps x5 , Step 2 – Flutterkicks, #3 Alabama Prom Dates (aka UofL recruting trips) , #4 Freddy Mercurys, #6 Box Cutter, 7 & 8 Cross Leg Lifts -alternating R&L on each step, 9 Russian Twists (4 count)

Finish with Stairway to Burpen – Start at bottom of Amphitheater and do Burpee for each Stair all the way up (13)

Mosey back to the Flag for COT and BOM Prayer


Glad that we had an even amount of PAX for the Dora 123, credit to DK for giving me this idea at NoToll.  Running up and down the hill and the difficultly of the 3 exercises kept mumblechatter to a minimum besides some occassional “i hate you honeydo” comments along the way, which YHC takes as a sign of pride.  This one was tough for all and YHC was concerned when the truck came up the road that some PAX would not be able to move out of the way, or specifically for Swirly that he’d just keep going until his Boxcutters were done.  YHC was impressed to see Winston put in a strong effort in his 2nd dopgile, this was no easy Dora.  It is somewhat confusing to have Winston & Wilson together during the beatdown with such similar names.  Lab Rat continues to post and YHC is glad to consider him a regular now at Dogpile.

YHC had intended to alternate arm and abs for the escalator but for time (and YHCs burning shoulders) sake went with all Abs.  This turned out to be a people’s choice with the PAX making suggestions for each step up the way.  Nice job to Swirly to finish to with Russian Twists at the top, somewhere to the west TYA was smiling.

Glad to see the PAX enthusiastically agree to finish with Stairway to Burpen at the end.  And lastly although it was in the 30s Swirly did not bring out the infamous Yellow hat.  Will we see it in November or wait until December?


HHH brewery run Wednesday 11/18 starting at 6:00 at Ardent.  Bear Creek 10 miler spots are filing up, sign up now!  Also YHC is doing the TurkeyTrot 10k at UofR on Thanksgiving if anyone else is interested.  LabRat mentioned Ashland has a 5k as well.





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  1. Great beatdown today. It put me in lazy mode for the rest of the day. I’m no longer a fan of Dora. Yup took the show off DVR!