Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Did we run last Friday?


10 Redwoods posted for a morning jog on Grove.

The Thang:

Pick your poison.  4, 5, or 6 mile loop.  All head east on Grove, 4 mile turn at Malvern, 5 mile turn at Roseneath, 6 mile at The Boulevard.  Run to Grove and Three Chopt, turn back and run back to the shovel flag.


Been a real long weekend and week!  I have a personal deadline of posting backblasts within 24 hours of the workout.  Let’s just say I missed this one by a mile.  Anticipating the run tomorrow, I had to carve time out today to get the backblast up.

A few injuries and a couple guys getting back into running created an interesting happening today.  About a mile into the run, 5 of us (Swirly, Pelosi 5-0, Lockjaw, Bleeder, and I) were all in the same pack.  Bleeder yelled out “what the hell is going on?  I am used to running by myself”.  Bleeder and Swirly went on to run 4.5 (not an option the Q gave) while the rest of us posted a nice 4 mile jaunt.

Saab continues to set the pace and prove that just because you are in your late 40’s doesn’t mean you have to slow down. We will see this week if the early 50’s are as good to him.

Lab Rat kinda joined us for the run. He showed up a few minutes into the run and being an FRNG, he did not know the normal loops. He caught up with us at the end for a COT.

See you next week in the gloom


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