Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Just a little Mosey around the corner.


4 strong venture into the gloom.

25 x SSH
25 x LBC
23 x Crab Cakes
20 x Air Squared

Mosey 1.7 miles to Southside Speedway ticket booth

10 x SSH
10 x sit ups
6 x slow bending squats = number of laps completed by Bleeder in early racing career at SSS
1 x sumo squat = lap almost completed by The Sheik

Mosey 1.7 miles back to the parking lot

15 x air squared


It was a nice change of pace at SOT this morning. YHC has always wanted to run to Southside Speedway and the crew of athletes this morning created an opportunity to make that happen.

A big SOT welcome to Rosey for joining the pax this morning. He didn’t get to see much of the AO but clearly is a pretty sporty runner. Nice job!

Swirly and YHC wore gear completely the opposite of what one should wear on a dark 3.4 mile journey down the road. Fortunately Bleeder saved the day by wearing Day-Glo socks. Yep, that’s all the light we had. The good news is most Southsiders on the road this a.m. never saw us so it wasn’t much of an issue.

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  1. Rosey has been bringing it lately. Tclaps to the run, men. Where does the epic Bleeder/Lugnut battle stand at this point?