Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Standard time = back on the trails!


65 degrees on a cloudy morning—very warm for November


Russian Soldiers 15x, Imperial Walkers 20x, A number of variations of arm circles, LBCs 30x, Merkins 10x

There and back: A series of exercises moving forwards to the center of the circle and backwards to the edge.  At each direction change do 5 merkins.

  1. Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear 2x
  2. Forward Lunge/Backwards 2x
  3. Crab walk forwards/Backwards 2x
  4. Military crawl forwards/backwards 1x

Hate Hill—partner up.  1 partner runs to the bottom of the hill and back, and the other does an exercise.  When the runner reaches his partner they switch.  Cycle through: 1. Lunges, 2. Walkout pushups, 3. Broad jump burpees.  When both partners reach the bottom of the hill the exercise ends.

Run up the pipe

Pullup bars At pullup bars do sets of: max pullups + 5 jump up lower down, max decline Merkins with feet on parallel bars, and 20 mountain climbers.  ~3 sets.

Mosey Back to Flag



We gladly welcomed back Standard time with some nice exercises on the hills and trails in daylight!  The fall colors in the woods were quite amazing also.

This was a pretty punishing workout with lots of cardio and not a lot of rest.  A Sippy Cup special!  The last sets of pullups/merkins especially generated lots of groans and moans.  Solid work gents!  I noticed there were no double-dippers today, so YHC thinks he did his job!  Post workout YHC went home and fell asleep on the couch.

It was great to have Wilson and Aisle 5 back with us after a several week hiatus.  It was Marv’s first time to join us too, and Lab Rat’s second.  It was great to have you guys  We welcome FNG Winstons, who received his name because he is a pulmonologist at VCU.  I had a nice talk with him post workout and while exhausted, he had fun.  Good encouraging atmosphere, guys!

For those of you statheads:

Merkins: here’s my count: COP—20, There and back—90, Walkout pushups ~20, Decline merkins (YHC had 60).  Total 180ish.

Running—we ran about a 5K during the hour.


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  1. Nice work Sippy. Glad to get my merkin count for the day done before 7 am and to have the full AO back with the time change.