Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ab Wheels and Burpees


Five of the faithful, and one FNG met at #notoll on a crisp autumn morning to get their gloom in before All Hallows’ Eve. Johnsonville planted a shovel flag, gave a quick disclaimer, and commenced to Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

ssh x25
don quiote x25
sherkins x12
imperial walkers x25
standing mountain climbers x25

Mosey to Lower Football field
11s with ab wheels and burpees (circling half the field and doing exercises on corners)

Mosey to front of school
triple play

Mosey to center football/soccer field
ascending curb crawls to 10
10 merkins oyo

Mosey back to front of school
20 ab wheel oyo
25 partner leg toss x2
Os x10 (cw)
Os x10 (ccw)
single leg Alabama prom dates x10 each leg


We appreciate having Toga visit #gridiron and enjoyed meeting FNG Click’nClack. Toga double dipped, but left #dogpile early to attend all of #gridiron. Chum Bucket double dipped, arriving at #gridiron during the triple play.

The elevens were challenging due to the mix of burpees and running. Toga was strongest at those, finishing in front of YHC. Click’nClack did very well for an FNG. Earthworm expressed slight irritation at the amount of running, but he pushed through it with strength.

The 8-9 year-olds were playing flag football under the lights at the upper field by about 7:30 AM. That was fun to watch, but we are not accustomed to sharing our AO.

Although it is a little early to finalize plans, there was talk at Coffeeteria about having a 2nd annual pre-Super Bowl AT hike. YHC plans to invest in YakTrax.

Good job PAX!


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