Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flying Horseshoe of Death


13 conspirators gathered in the gloom at MM Elementary and waited for @Conspiracy to show up for his first Q in quite awhile. It was not to be – not because he was late, but because HE NEVER SIGNED UP TO Q TODAY. Instead, YHC was accommodating a request from several PAX that they not know when The Lucky Horseshoe was to happen, only to quickly realize that you can’t make everyone happy.



Mosey to the corner on Grove Ave.

Warmup COP:
Jumping Jacks x 20
IW x 20
Lunges x 10 each leg
LBCs x 20

Mosey back to the Commonwealth Ave side of the track to begin the Lucky Horseshoe. The PAX has 33 minutes to complete the following around the track:

Lap 1 around the track: merkins x 20
Lap 2: merkins x 20, storm squats x 20
Lap 3: Merkins x20, Storm Squats x 20, Scorpion Drydocks x 20
Lap 4: Merkins x 20, Storm Squats x 20, Scorpion Drydocks x 20, WWII situps x 20
Lap 5: Merkins x 20, Storm Squats x 20, Scorpion Drydocks x 20, WWII situps x 20, Lunges x 20
Lap 6: Storm Squats x 20, Scorpion Drydocks x 20, WWII situps x 20, Lunges x 20
Lap 7: Scorpion Drydocks x 20, WWII situps x 20, Lunges x 20
Lap 8: WWII x 20, Lunges x 20
Lap 9: Lunges x 20
Lap 10: Victory Lap



Good job pushing yourselves this morning. As I mentioned today, I hope you’ve also seen yourself improve in this workout since we started doing it in June. I’m so close to that Victory Lap and can’t wait to do it one of these times.

Much appreciation to those who shared prayer requests & things for which you are thankful. It’s good to have other men along for your ride, we’re all here to do that for each other.

Yes, The Lucky Horseshoe is usually the first Thursday of the month. However, since YHC will be out of town next Thursday and didn’t want to miss another one, you are all welcome for your almost-Halloween surprise. It was abundantly clear which PAX liked the surprise and which didn’t.

@Bleeder sniffed out the ruse on Wednesday evening when he emailed @Conspiracy to kindly remind that the PAX meets now in the parking lot on Commonwealth. @Conspiracy was able to use his IT auditing skills and identify exactly who added his name to the Q schedule and when. @Bleeder also called this “The Flying Horseshoe of Death” as an ode to the staged flying Q and his love for TLH.


For those who want to benchmark their accomplishments today against past or future iterations of TLH, here you go:
Brain Tumor: completed all but 1/2 of Victory Lap
Splinter: completed all but 1/2 of Victory Lap
Bleeder: almost last lap
Sippy Cup: Victory Lap completed with a couple of minutes to spare
Ricky Bobby: 9 laps completed
Loose Goose: 9 laps completed



10/31 – Pumpkin Run. Contact @Swirly for details

11/1-11/30 – Join YHC for a daily 166 merkins (total of 5K for the month). The days you go to F3 will be easy. Like today, many times that will get you well over halfway there.


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  1. Way to push yourselves this morning, fellas! TLH will be back… maybe in early Dec, maybe not.

  2. Think I was there this morning – sure as heck feels like I was..
    Missed it for the 3rd time by half a lap .. I’ll keep working at it ( you against you baby)
    Way to push it this morning fellas !

  3. You guys crushed me during the exercises…need to speed those up if I’m going to complete the challenge. Greatest workout ever.