Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tennis Anyone?


5 posted for a lovely/Scottish morning at Source of Truth.  Here’s the basic shedule (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose because it sounds better).

Head to the friendly neighborhood rock rental pile and grab a “good size rock.”  With your new favorite pet rock overhead, mosey to tennis courts.

COP: Split jumps, merkins, flutter kicks, Don Quixote

Round 1: bunny hop alternating sides of the back line across two courts, alternating shoulder presses with rock, some ab thing?, repeato x3

Round 2: Quick step over line and back while moving horizontally (like the kids are all doing the shoe commercials), tricep press, American Hammers, repeato x3

Round 3:  Broad jump across court and back, 10 merkins w rt hand on rock, 10 merkins w left hand on rock, situps w rock on chest, repeato x3

Round 4: Arc loader across all 4 courts, curls, repeato x3

Round 5: 10x full extensions, 10x toe touches w rock, 2 min plank

NMM:  Is it weird when you start thinking a rainy workout might be fun?  YHC headlocked two guys at a work dinner about coming to GridIron, and they immediately checked the weather.  Thankfully it looked OK as we need the first outing to not be a total shock.

We reached consensus that this was decidedly not a JVille “sprint… and sprint some more.” workout.  The PAX actually put YHC on their shoulders and carried me back to the shovel flag (which was absent) in celebration.  YHC felt like a triumphant Roman general after defeat of the Gauls (see how I did that?  Roman.. Romans… that’s writin’).

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