Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#NoToll crushes the Inverse Dirty MacDeuce


Nineteen of the Faithful posted in the #NoToll darkness to run the fields and engage in several other activities. Johnsonville planted the shovel flag by the basketball court and took the Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

Mosey to front entrance and COP:
ssh x 25
lbc x 24
shoulder shrug merkins x 15 (“sherkins?”)

mosey back toward gate and COP:
don quiote x25
merkins x15
imperial walkers -> hillbillies x25

mosey to rear parking lot:
1. 200m repeat circling parking lot
2. 200m repeat “”
3. 200m repeat “”

mosey to grassy area between 3 soccer fields and COP:
chiabatta – circular leg lifts (cw then ccw)

line up on baseline of right soccer field.
4. 200m+ repeat to other end line and back
5. 200m+ repeat “”
6. 200m+ repeat “”

mosey to shelter
chiabatta — dips and derkins

line up on baseline of left rear soccer field.
7. 200m+ repeat to other end line and back
8. 200m+ repeat “”
9. 200m+ repeat “”

mosey to left front soccer field
chiabatta — bear crawls and crawlbears

line up on baseline of left front soccer field.
10. 200m+ repeat to other end line and back
11. 200m+ repeat “”
12. 200m+ repeat “” (back to back with prior set due to time limitations).

mosey to SF. Announcements. COT

This was a tough workout even for the hard-baked runners. You know things are pretty messed up when you view bear crawls as a welcome break. Many really dug deep to finish the last few sets of repeats with poise, and YHC was impressed and grateful to be among the strong.

Sippy Cup and Swirley seemed to consistently finish at the top. If I failed to mention other top performers, then please give them a shout-out below. They deserve it. YHC could not hang with those men.

Congratulations to HoneyDo and CHum Bucket for completing a Goruck this past weekend and showing F3Richmond the way.

Loose Goose threw down the gauntlet, challenging men to complete the 10,000 or 5,000 merkin challenge with him in November. YHC accepts the challenge.

Please make every effort to attend the F3 Great Pumpkin Run 5K and Kids’ Fun Run this Saturday, whether you are running or just hanging out. F3 is the chief named sponsor (thanks Bleeder!), and this is a great opportunity to grow our numbers. The race starts at 8:30AM at Lewis Ginter.

— Johnsonville


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  1. These comments are short, just like the mumblechatter this morning. That was a solid workout even for the US Olympic Track Team. Well done, Jville! Pretty sure I will have a nightmare tonight with my high school basketball coach repeatedly saying “Toes on the line…”

  2. I thought of a name for the new pushup, “Scapular degeneration.” That’s a good description of how my upper back feels today!