Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Zombie Walk Down Hill


9 Faithful appeared in the gloom at Dogpile

Bleeder Q
Mosey to COP

25x SSH
10X Merkins
25X DonQuixote
15X Brazilian Dance Party

Mosey to VITA Trail
Alternating between stations, 5x Burpees, 10X Merkins for one lap of VITA Tral

Handoff for Sippy Cup Q
Mosey over to the pullup bars. Max pullups + 5 jump up and lower down followed by Max steep incline merkins with feet on parallel bars. Alternate until Q says stop (~3 sets).

Mosey to the top of Love Hill. Zombie walk down Love hill to the area near the stone steps, with two plank “breaks.”

Pac-Man on the amphitheater steps 4x.

Bunny hop up 3 steps, then 5 x Merkins, to top of amphitheater. Do same on the way down.

LBC’s until everyone finished, and then 10x more.

Mosey to flag.


When will daylight savings time come? It was cloudy this morning, and most of the mumblechatter related to not being able to see clearly. This AO is so great, it’s just a shame that we can’t make full use without headlamps. The pullup bars were especially challenging as seeing a dark bar against a dark sky was tough.

The weather made it quite pleasant in the dark. Sippy’s light came in quite handy as we headed toward the pull-up bars, YHC was wonder if Sippy was headed for the drain Pipe trail toward the pump house. YHC’s ankle was never so happy to see the pull-up bars!

YHC did announcement that the GORUCK Challenge was starting in a couple of hours. No takers.

Coffeeteria post workout at Ellewoods, LG, Viral, Goldberg and YHC enjoyed some coffee, conversation and a COKE Zero( not sure where Goldberg picked up the COKE Zero)


Great Pumpkin Run next Weekend
Punisher Shirts are now available to Order— Just in Time for Chirstmas!


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  1. Nice work Bleeder and Sippy! Great workout! I was falling asleep that night around 8:30PM! 😀