Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Prelude to Game Day, Reunion, Soccer Games …


Another beautiful morning at the GridIron greeted five of the faithful and one FNG. Here’s how we kicked off a day full of activities:

Parking Lot COP with disclaimer and welcome:

x20 SSH IC
X20 Seal Jacks IC
x20 Mountain Climbers IC
x20 Alabama Prom Dates IC

Mosey to the upper GridIron:

Four Corners Forties: Merkins and Squats
x25 Partner Leg Tosses X4
120 Yard Lunge Walk
x10 Burpees with Tuck Jumps OYO
x20 APDs IC
Four Corners: x25 PLT X5
x20 Dead Bug IC

Mosey to the Pillars:

Peoples Chair
Slalom Run to end of Pillars
Forties/Lindseys: Carolina Dry Docks and Imperial Walkers

Mosey around school to upper GridIron to Parking Lot


Announcements: Pumpkin Run next Saturday; shout out to Honey Do and Chum Bucket at the GoRuck today.
Prayer concerns – Mark and Brian; unspoken.
Groh take out prayer concluded the BOM huddle.


Great to have Lab Rat join us for his first posting – a strong showing for a guy who “took a year off.” Glad you decided to put back on the ChinStrap.

Also great to have one of the Charlotte RedWoods join us again – Sir Topham Hat helped launch F3 RVA back in September 2014; back in town for his 20th HS reunion – older but not so much to shed the Hate.

PLT were heavy this morning so lots of team work – YHC paired with Groh who had a strong kick even on his 225th PLT. DK and Lab Rat partnered up and made a strong team. The third pair, STH and J’Ville, set the pace today – good work. STH’s gadgetry indicated 1.5 miles of ambulation under YHC’s Q – shocking.

Groh, being from Alabama and sensitive to Brain Tumor’s renaming last year of the Upward Hip Thrusts, failed to convince the PAX that we should call that exercise the Louisville or Pitino Date Nights.

Coffeteria – the usual banter but, sadly, no show and tell (aka spousal gift giving instruction) by DK.

John 1:1-5


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  1. Notes taken, weinke made. See you tomorrow, Gridiron!

    PS, it is really weird seeing “Lab Rat (FNG)”