Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The world is round but the ground is flat


Seven of the faithful posted for Monday’s #ThePunisheRVA.

Mosey around the front bushes for the start-up COP with 25 x Hillbillies, 25 x Imperial Walkers, 25 x Russian Soldiers, and 15 x Forward and Backward Arm Circles.

Jog to the eastern property line for 1492.  PAX lined up in plank position with the member at the back of the line then completing a Bear Crawl to the front of the line.  Rotated through until all have crawled through once.  Halted and completed 50 x LBCs, 25 x Alabama Prom Dates, 50x Flutter Kicks (single count), 25x Merkins, 25 x Squats, and 11 Burpees.  Line up and Bear Crawl and complete the same line up of exercises 6 times working our way across the property from east to west.  Finish with two passes of the Bear Crawl and 104 x LBCs and doubling of the remaining exercises.  Total exercises – 1492.

Jog to the ShovelFlag of the COT.


1492, get it.

I think Toga dislikes repetition.  Will work on that for next Columbus Day.

Announcements – check recent backblasts for additional details on the Bottom to Tap run, the GoRuck event, the Great Pumpkin 5K, and the Bear Creek 10 miler.

Congratulate Wedding Singer when you have a chance……


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