Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Should have called an audible


16 got their mosey on at 45MoM this morning.  Goose previously let the PAX know we were tackling the Lucky Horseshoe today, and here’s how it went down:

Mosey to the corner on Grove for COP:

SSH x 20                                                                                                                                               Shoulder merkins (stretch) x 10

Don Quixote x20

Flutter kicks x20

Mosey back to the corner of the track to begin the Lucky Horseshoe.  The PAX has 33 minutes to complete the following around the track:

Lap 1 around the track- merkins x 20

Lap 2: merkins x 20, storm squats x 20

Lap 3: Merkins x20, Storm Squats x 20, Scorpion Drydocks x 20

Lap 4: Merkins x 20, Storm Squats x 20, Scorpion Drydocks x 20, WWII situps x 20

Lap 5: Merkins x 20, Storm Squats x 20, Scorpion Drydocks x 20, WWII situps x 20, Lunges x 20

Lap 6: Storm Squats x 20, Scorpion Drydocks x 20, WWII situps x 20, Lunges x 20

Lap 7: Scorpion Drydocks x 20, WWII situps x 20, Lunges x 20

Lap 8: WWII x 20, Lunges x 20

Lap 9: Lunges x 20

Lap 10: Victory Lap


There are times when F3 brothers need to come together and support one another.  This is one of those times!  Sippy Cup is clearing using some East German type enhancers that enabled him to finish the Lucky Horseshoe with almost 2 minutes to spare.  It’s hard to see physical evidence in the gloom, but someone needs to do something.  YHC noticed he no longer laughs at his jokes, so the rage side effects are clear.

Goose did not attend due to a sprained vulva, but our prayers are with him.  Bleeder correctly suggested that YHC audible this let event, but YHC didn’t see his wisdom till nearly splashing the merlot in lap 6.  Good times!  Goose can rest assured that two of us completed the horseshoe, and there is supposedly some bet with his comrade in NC.  We’ll need to get the scoop on that.

It should also be noted that YHC failed to get the laps and status of the PAX to track performance.   Feel free to reply with your lap count.   JVille and Swirly almost had it, and there were others hitting the final lap as time expired.  Great work by all!


Rugged Maniac Saturday and Mary Munford cleanup if you’re not doing the mud run.

Bottom to Tap, Go Ruck, Pumpkin Run…


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  1. Closest I’ve come to tossing merlot yet…way to set the pace, Sippy!
    JVille and I discussed workouts like these on the way home…we enjoy them and look forward to keep doing them…but maybe we should keep the clipboarding to a minimum…besides, it’s you against you.

  2. I like these regular workouts too because they allow you to track progress. We almost had 4 people finish it today. That’s pretty amazing since for a long time no one was even close.

  3. Toga, the only enhancer was a little extra joy from the Cubs winning a playoff game for the first time since 2003!

  4. 3 near-splashes?! That would have been epic! That’s a good workout for sure, and those squats just suck. I was a victory lap away from completion I think. Next time!