Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sunday (Not) Trail Run


3 Determined runners posted at the Pump House for a Sunday Morning trail run.  When YHC entered the parking lot at 659, two pax were patiently awaiting my arrival. Since it has rained straight for the past 5 days, we decided as a group to stay off the trail and hit the roads adjacent to the path.

The Thang:

Run over nickel bridge, run past the trail entrance to the top of the hill, left onto Riverside drive.  Follow riverside drive for about 3.75 miles, Cross back over the river at the Manchester Bridge.  Take a left onto Spring Street, follow Spring to end, take a right, go a few blocks, take a left onto Idlewood.  Follow Idlewood all the way to the lake, run around the lake, and back out to Boulevard.  Take a left onto Boulevard and back down to Pump House Road.

Naked Moleskin

Perfect weather for a run.  62 degrees, slow rain.  Winds were swirling a little bit but it mostly felt good.  Only time the wind was an issue was coming over the Manchester Bridge.  The wind was directly in our face and blowing hard.  It was brutal.

Map My Run says we did 7.44 miles on the route today.  We kept up a pretty steady pace today and all stayed together the whole time.  Thanks to Offshore and Honey Do for the company.  Honey Do was able to join us today because his 1/2 marathon was cancelled because of the weather in Hampton.  After the run, we all talked about the upcoming F3 announced races.  Lots of interest in Bear Creek run and the Colonial 200 next year.   YHC broke out the running tights today.   Great gear for running in the rain…

See you next week in the Gloom.


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