Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bryce Harper Should Have Run This Out


Three strong gathered at the Source of Truth for an upper body beatdown.  For the record, the temp was a cool (sic) 71 degrees with a nice crisp 100% humidity.  Perfect weather for the final day of September.

Here’s how it went down:

20 – Don Quixote’s
10 – Merkins
20 – Imperial Walkers
10 – Werkins
20 – LBCs
10 – Travolta Merkins
20 – Copperhead Squats
10 – Staggered Merkins (right high, left low)
20 – Side Lunges
10 – Staggered Merkins (left high, right low)

Mosey to the well lit baseball field for a Diamond Circuit. Start at home plate in plank. One person does exercise on the way to first base. When he reaches first base the second person comes out of plank and exercises his way to first. While second person is working his way to first base, first person does exercise on the base. When the second person reaches first the first person moves to second. Third person follows in sequence. Exercises were as follows:

– Lunge to first base
– Carolina Dry Docks at first
– Crab crawl to second
– Squats at second
– Bear crawl to third
– Diamond Merkins (naturally) at 3rd
– Crawl bear home
– Burpees at home

Repeato x3. If you don’t understand I created some ASCII-art to help the visualize the pain.

                            Squats @ 2nd
                              /    \
                             /      \
        Bear Crawl to 3rd - /        \ - Crab Walk to 2nd
                           /          \
                          /            \
                         /              \
                        /      ____      \
Diamond Merkins @ 3rd  / \    |____|    / \ - Carolina Dry Docks @1st
                       \ /              \ /
                        \                /
                         \              /
                          \            /
         Crawl Bear Home - \          / - Lunge to 1st
                            \        /
                             \      /
                              \ __ /
                               \  /
                         Burpees @ Home

Mosey to benches for a quick round of double tabata (bench merkins & dips)

Mosey to SF for 4.5MOM
20 – LBCs
20 – Freddy Mercuries
10 (2 count) – Pickle Pounders
20 (2 count) – Russian Twists

Light turnout but strong effort from the PAX. YHC took the liberty of formulating a baseball themed workout given this is the final week of the regular season. After the Punisher and No Toll this week YHC couldn’t handle too many leg exercises so the focus was above the waist. Lug Nut and Two Can impressed me with their dedication during the crawling exercises between bases of the Diamond Circuit. It may have been a mirage, but those bases seemed to get farther apart each inning.

YHC learned some new things about the two dedicated PAX members that showed up at SoT. Lug Nut disclosed that his favorite exercise is none other than the burpee and he can do it better than anyone else in the PAX. YHC thought of obliging and throwing in 4.5 minutes of burpees instead of mary but stuck with the original plan. Pickle Pounder was too interesting of an exercise not to try out.

Two Can came out with a vengeance. However, at some point during the third inning YHC think Two Can swallowed a SodaStreamTM as there were volumes of carbonation erupting from Two Can.

Nice work guys.  SOT is a great AO for a sports themed workout.



  1. That looks like a great workout AND a backblast diagram! But dot matrix? I expected an HTML diagram from splinter – given your career and all! LOL

  2. Wilson – dot matrix would have been constructed entirely with periods. Hence the name ‘dot matrix’. ASCII-art is timeless art form that will never die.

  3. Great workout Splinter. Thanks for sticking with Mary at the end, I’m burped out at the moment. Especially after the trip around the diamond.