Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Helter Skelter Elevens


Fourteen of the faithful posted in the humid dark at #NoToll. The lush fields had been saturated by several days of rain, and YHC (Johnsonville) elected to keep things mostly on asphalt in order to avoid harming the AO.  This is how it went down, more or less:

50x SSH
25x slow squats
10x merkins
25x LBC

Mosey to back parking area.

Helter Skelter Elevens — Pax split in halves, each starting in a separate corner of the parking lot. Half #1 did elevens starting with 10 burpees, then a run counter-clockwise to the opposite corner of parking lot, then 1 bicycle, then a run counter-clockwise to starting corner for 9 burpees, etc. Half #1 did the same, but on the other pair of corners and with clockwise runs.

Mosey to grass between field by shelter.

Plyometric Lindsays (i.e. fortys) alternating between tuck-jumps and butt-kickers.

25x WWI situps
10x dolly
10x rosalita

Mosey to SF.


Sippy Cup clearly dominated the Helter Skelter Elevens. DK also had a very strong showing in the other group, lapping YHC. The remainder of the PAX finished fairly close together.

There was no mumble-chatter at all during the set of Plyometric Lindsays, hopefully suggesting that YHC provided the Pax with a sufficient challenge. YHC may have missed something, however, since YHC had slipped well past the point of seeing black spots.

Great job getting through a challenging workout! The schedule this week is:

WED: Source of Truth featuring Splinter
THU: 45 Minutes of Mary featuring TYA
FRI: RAMM featuring Bleeder
SAT: DogPile featuring Loose Goose and GridIron featuring Earthworm

Respectfully, J-ville


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  1. I appreciate the kudos, Jville, but Swirly was at least a quarter lap ahead of me on your track. How did the Q miss that? This kind of confirms my concern that the Q had started hallucinating…I mean why else would he call a Lindsay with tuck-jumps and butt-kickers? He was hallucinating…and forgot about protecting our knees…good thing DK wasn’t too proud to ask for a different exercise after the first 2 iterations.
    TClaps to Sippy for dominating the Helter Skelter 11’s.
    TClaps to Splinter for dominating the Lindsay.

  2. Apologies to Swirly and Splinter for not recognizing their strength. …And yes, I was hallucinating.

  3. That little jumping charade at the end was no joke. Completely not expecting that pain. Nice work, J’ville!