Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lonely on the Trail


Rain was in the forecast, but the rain never came.  Three strong and fast posted at the Pump House parking lot this morning for a nice trail run.

The Thang:

Cross the bridge, start on the Buttermilk trail.  Cross over at Belle Isle, run the perimeter of Belle and run back on the Northbank trail.


When YHC pulled into the parking lot at 652 this morning, there were no other cars in the parking lot.  Offshore pulled in a few minutes later followed by Saab at 7 am on the nose.  I was glad to have the company for the run, especially two rabbits to chase the whole morning.   Chase I did, but I never did quite catch up.  Thanks to Wilson and Offshore for doubling back for me every mile or so.  I appreciated the motivation in front of me.

YHC had to leave shortly after the run this morning so I could get down to the world championships.  I was in such as rush that I realized halfway out the parking lot that my phone was not in the car with me.  I knew I had just checked the time on the phone so it couldn’t be too far.  I searched the car, no phone.  I drove back to where I had parked, no phone.  I looked around the parking lot and the whole path I had driven…no phone.  I re-searched the car and trunk…no phone.  Where the hell is it.  My maiden in shining armor pulled in beside my car when I was mid panic.  I politely asked if she could call my cell so I could locate it.  She made the call, and quickly pointed to my back window where my phone was sitting.  Thank you unknown lady…I appreciate your help.  Just as an aside for those unmarried PAX, this approach is not a bad way to get a young ladies phone number.

See you in the gloom next week.


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  1. TYA – I really wanted to show up today, but the fart sack held me tight. Glad you thought enough to mention me in the back blast, but Saab was the other PAX. But I get it we are really similar! LOL