Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Soggy wet crunchy Frogs


8 faithful overlooked the rain and poor forecast to show up for a Saturday morning in the gloom.


Mosey to the roundabout circle on the other side of the Carillon for Warm up COP.

25 SSH , 20 Flutterkicks , 20 Imperials Walkers, 10  slow 4 count Merkins

Mosey to front of Carillon and split up into 2 teams for Circle 2 Circle:

Each starts at a runs to one of the roundabout circle and does a round of exercises listed on the Weinke.  Also in running between the 2 circles the team does 5 Burpees when they pass the Lamppost on the path.  After 4 rounds the team runs to top of Carillon to finish with exercise on the Weinke there.

Circle Round 1:  30 Merkins , 40 WW I Situps

Circle 2:   30 Dips , 25 Crunchy Frogs

Circle 3:  25 Derkins (feet on the curb) , 50 Russian Twists

Circle 4:  Partner up & Wheelbarrow across diameter of Circle each man, switch and WB back ,  10 Burpees

Run to Carillon –  1st team in – 20 Flutterkicks , last team 30 Flutterkicks & 5 Burpees

Mosey to Amphitheater for Triple Check –

1st man – Elbow plank , 2nd Man – Dips , 3rd – Run up Amphitheater steps and back down

Complete 4 Rounds.  After the 4 rounds YHC took a moment to properly demo the Crunchy Frog and the PAX joined for a set of 20.

Mosey to Love Hill:

Pair up – 1st man up the hill, partner start exercise up the hill:

Exercise 1 – Lunges , Exercise 2 – Bear Crawl , Exercise 3 – Crab Walk

Mosey back to the Flag for BOM and announcements


YHC was impressed to see a good PAX on a rainy morning, especially glad to see Aisle 5 back at Dogpile, he has been missed.  We had 7 to start and then Conspiracy joined us as we started Circle 2 Circle(C2C).  Before we started Wilson requested the PAX spend plenty of time on the ground to soak up all the gloom so YHC was happy to oblige by changing to flutterkicks in the COP to start.  This was a good start but YHC forgot to demo the Crunchy Frog exercise for later in the C2C which would come back to bite Team 1 later in C2C as team 2 improvised to X-Ys.  When both teams reached the Carillon both teams knocked out the 5 extra Burpees, good Stuff!

YHC was not sure that Triple Check would work in the Amphitheater due to darkness so moved it to later in the beatdown.  Having 8 PAX for Triple check was troublesome for YHC as he is not capable of math before morning coffee consumption but the PAX still knocked it out.

Love Hill was a great way to finish and lots of good mumblechatter throughout, especially about the UCI championships this weekend.  If you have not caught a race this week you need to this today or tomorrow.  Goldberg shared with YHC he posted after a long shift and little sleep, now that is dedication to shrug off the fartsack on a nasty rainy morning.


Bottom to Tap is 10/17.  Doner Kebab is the man to talk with on this.

Rugged Maniac is 10/10. Talk to TYA if interested.






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  1. I really like the use of the two roundabouts–there are lots of options for using those in future workouts.