Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to the basics


8 fleet footed faithful found there way to the festivities this morning.  Weather was perfect for a run. 62 degrees and cloudy, no humidity.

Take a right on Grove, four mile loop turn around at Malvern, 5 mile loop turn at Roseneath, 6 mile loop turn at THE Boulevard.  All run to Three Chopt, turn around and back to the shovel flag.


Lots of injuries and illnesses in the PAX right now.  Bleeder had to fartsack due to a twisted ankle yesterday….Get well soon Bleeder…  Swirly started off strong, but slowed considerably at the end due to a bout with Sciatica.  Lots of good advice was thrown Swirly’s way.  Hopefully one of the many suggestions will do the trick.  Saab was back in the saddle today after a week of inactivity due to  a cold.  He had a ton of energy and easily lapped the field on his six mile jaunt.

Toga and Offshore seemed to swap the lead several times during the run.  Offshore was a little ahead at the first turn, but when they came back from the Three Chopt Hill, I think Toga was in the lead.  YHC ran with Honeydo and Swirly for a good portion of the run and enjoyed the company.  I had a rare run for me today.  I felt great on the majority of the run and was able to get in a great groove.  I wish all my runs were like that.  Grizzly and Pucker knocked out the 4 mile loop with ease.

Weird not having Sippy Cup or Marv out there with us today.  Both are such consistent participants in the run that it did not feel right without them.  See you out there soon.

Weather is getting great for running.  Many F3 related runs coming up.  Join in on the fun.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    What a great day for a run. Enjoyed the company out there today and it felt great to do the old loop up to Three Chopt again.

  2. At one point there was a group of runners going the wrong way down Grove. One of them looked like JVille… Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a tomato. I don’t know who gets the worse end of that.
    Thanks for the Q, and you can’t beat the weather.