Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Old Glory, Chapter 3


19 Faithful gathered at NoToll to test themselves against the Old Glory challenge.  It’s been a couple of months, so how has the PAX progressed?  Here’s how it went down:


Mosey from shovel flag(s) to back parking lot for a recap of the Old Glory workout.  Start with 1 mile run around the entire complex (2 laps).  Then, loops of 4 stations at the corners of the AO:

Station 1: Merkins x 20

Station 2: Jump Squats x 20

Station 3: Burpees x 10

Station 4:  WWII Situps x 20

Complete as many loops as possible before 6 am (6:05 today), then gather to to run another mile around the complex.  A quick 2 MOM with:

Captain Thor x 10

Return to Shovel Flag for COT.   YHC took us out.



Another installment but with a larger PAX.  Nice work, men!  With the BRR in the rearview mirror, it feels good to get back in the groove.  Something was off, however, as the familiar sight of Swirly warming up and greeting the PAX as they arrive was not present.  Maybe he ate 2 pounds of lasagna last night like YHC.  Hope everything is alright, Swirly.  As you can see below, we had several of the PAX enjoying the Old Glory workout for the first time.  From the stats below, you are off to a great start!  Several of the PAX improved on their past performances.  Again, nice job!  Sippy Cup was all business, finishing 3.5 laps, and 4.0 is in his sights for certain.  Splinter announced that he would carry the flag from start to finish of the final mile, and with the exception of LG and YHC fumbling around at the beginning, that prediction held true.  Great job, boys! YHC thought everyone performed admirably, but wanted to throw out additional kudos to Rosie, who hammered through the circuits and is looking to be one to push Sippy in the quest for most loops completed.  As always, if anything you see below is incorrect, let me know, and remember, it’s YOU v. YOU!


F3 Name                                          6/23/15                      7/28/15                   9/22/15

Splinter                                             3.0                             2.75                        3.0

Wilson                                               3.0                              2.75                       —

Honey-Do                                          2.5                              —                           3.0

Ricky Bobby                                      2.5                               2.5                       2.5

Lockjaw                                             2.75                            —                           3.0

Brain Tumor                                     2.75                           2.75                         3.0

Conspiracy                                         —                             2.75**                      —

Bleeder                                              —                             2.75                          —

Sippy Cup                                          —                             3.25                         3.5

Oyster                                                —                              2.25                       2.75

Grizzly                                               —                                2.5                          —

DK                                                     —                                2.75                        3.0

Swirly                                               —                                  3.0                          —

TYA                                                   —                                2.75                        2.75

Lugnut                                             —                                  2.5                            —

Loose Goose                                      —                                2.75                         3.0

Homewrecker                                   —                                    —                           2.5

Wedding Singer                                  —                                  —                          2.5

Pelosi 5.0                                            —                                 —                          2.5

Scream                                               —                                 —                         2.75 (or 2.625??)

Best Shot                                             —                                —                          2.75

Rosie                                                     —                               —                         3.0

Shooter                                                 —                               —                             2.75

TwoCan                                                 —                              —                             2.75

Fudd                                                      —                               —                             3.0


In other news, DK announced that the Suicide Pool seemed to indeed be suicide with all but 3 left, so he’s running a 2nd Chance Installment.  See him for details.


Normal workouts this week, and we need some Q’s starting Saturday, I believe.

Bottom to Tap 5k, Oct 17 (see DK)

GoRuck, Oct 24 (see Honey Do)

Rugged Maniac, Oct 10 (see TYA, I think)


See you in the Gloom.  Aye!




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  1. Great Q, BT. Great turn out, men.
    While Chum Bucket is still alive in the initial NFL Eliminator Pool, everyone is welcome to join the 2nd Chance Pool:
    password: redskins#1

    Saturday, Oct 17 – Bottom to Tap 3-miler
    A group from the F3 RVA PAX is running this race as a unit on Saturday, Oct 17 at 11am at 17th St Farmer’s Market in Shockoe Bottom. Please sign up if you have not already by visiting and use promo code “F3” to save $5. We plan to use this event to spread the word about who we are and what we do. The race course goes up and around Churchill then back to the Bottom where New Belgian Brewery beers will be flowing.