Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I just felt like running


9 faithful felt like running this morning at RAMM.


On Grove ave, run towards the Boulevard, Turn around, back down Grove, Four mile, Wisteria, Five mile, Tuckahoe, 10K, Three Chopt Loops and back to the Shovel Flag.
BT took us out.


Glad to have Nancy up from Greensboro, He was kind enough to invite any PAX member who happens to be traveling by Greensboro to hit one of there AO’s for a Beatdown.

With the BRR in our rearview mirror, BT noticed a sincere lack of flashing lights and bright neon drenched clothing from the PAX today. Truth be told; The Mountain Goat ate most of YHC’s neon and reflective material. YHC was just happy to have something reflective items on himself when faced with a Propane Truck and on coming traffic on a narrow country road. Employing evasive maneuvers, while wrestling a Mountain Goat and beating it senseless, is not something YHC recommends. As YHC saw the Propane Truck coming down the Mountain Goat, YHC quickly referenced the brake systems on the majority of the Woodfin Fleet. A fully Loaded truck cannot stop the way a standard automobile can stop; then add in the approach angle of 45 degrees( Why did read the Route description that throughly) YHC opted for running in the ditch for a few feet while the Ford Raptor Pick-up, Propane Truck and Mountain Goat all danced merrily in the Road together. Just Saying…

Saab and TYA appeared to a nice conversation going when I turned around to head back to the Shovel Flag. Saab seemed to be dominating the conversation; YHC realized TYA was just focusing on listening and breathing. Both enjoying their Recovery from the BRR. TYA’s Mountain Goat enjoyed a rain soaked run. TYA’s Mountain Goat enjoyed a rain soaked run.TYA’s Mountain Goat enjoyed a rain soaked run.TYA’s Mountain Goat enjoyed a rain soaked run. Sorry bout that, I had a song stuck on repeat…..

Sippy is still working out his leg issues, He continues to run or bike to the AO. Get better Sip!

MARV rolled in with the max distance today. Next year the BRR is calling your name!


Convergence Tomorrow: NO DOGPILE
6:00 AM workout at Gridiron
6:45 AM PreGame By Earthworm
7:00 AM Convergence

10/17 Bottom to Tap 5K — Info Here — Ask Donor Kebob about helping man a booth before the race
10/24 GO RUCK – Ask Honey Do
10/31 Great Pumpkin Run 5K — Abacus has gotten F3 on the Promotional info for that Race.


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  1. Strong to quite strong, I’d say, right Saab? TYA may have been EH’ing him between gasps. Probably very similar to my convo with Sippy during the run; bursts of words between lots of gasping while Sippy cruised along drinking coffee and reading the paper.