Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Four Squared Part II


Eleven faithful posted on a gloom Tuesday morning on the southside.

The Thang:

Mosey near park gate, COP- 20 Side Straddle Hops, 20 Don Q, 20 Mountain Climbers, 25 freddie mercury.

Mosey to left field – 8 count contra burpee, 20 count imperial squat walker

4 squared – 4 laps, increasing sprints by 1 length each lap

8 count contra burpee, plank dips 15 count

mosey to parking lot, 4 squared parking lot

mosey to left field – 3 minutes of mary – 20 count russian twist, 20 count rosalita, 25 LBCs

11s – don quixote and body builder burpees

mosey back to shovel flag

Moleskin – excellent workout PAX. YHC felt compelled to complete Jville’s four squared workout from last week at NoToll. Points for originality – not really, but it’s a well balanced session- burpees and merkins, ciabattas, run – that deserved to be completed. Unfortunately YHC left his phone in the car, sot the ciabatta became an exercise in cadence. In hindsight that worked best as there probably wouldn’t have been time for the 11 at the end. Tclaps for Splinter and Fudd crushing the runs and 11.

YHC let the PAX decide the exercises for the 11 workout. The PAX seemed to appreciate Bleeder choosing ‘windmills’ for the first part of the 11, and thus TYA felt inclined to choose body builder burpees as the other. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to finish the 11 but made it past 1/2 way or more.

Our numbers will be declining this week as those in in the BRR drop off to save their strength. Best of luck out there guys, make us proud.

Normal workouts continue this week – I think Grizzly is VQing Thursday’s workout at Mary Mumford.

Other updates – Convergence on September 19th at 7:00 AM at Gridiron, grab or kidnap someone and bring them out. Bottom to Top 3 miler October 17th in Shockoe Bottom.

Go Patriots (or football in general). That is all.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great Q, wedding singer… Enjoyed finishing the 4square… What was I thinking with body builder burpees. I’ll miss the workouts this week, but am pumped for the BRR. Go Patriots