Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



13 apparent fans of Jock Jams brought their game faces to Mary Munford Park to test themselves and share their good attitudes and cheer with their fellow PAX, as well as the neighbors.


Mosey to somewhere on the soccer fields.

SSH x20
Merkins x10 (after brief form discussion)
LBCs x20
Russian Soldiers x20

Mosey back to the shovel flag area.

The Lucky Horseshoe: Do the below until you finish or Q tells you to stop at the 33 minute mark.

Lap 1 around the track*

Lap 2
MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20
Lap 3
MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20
Lap 4
MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20
Lap 5
MericansX20, Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
Lap 6
Storm SquatsX20, Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
Lap 7
Scorpion Dry DocsX20, WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
Lap 8
WW2 SitupsX20, LungesX20
Lap 9

*Special assignment for Toga to stop and listen to friendly neighbor.

COT & record how far each PAX made it in The Lucky Horseshoe.
– New Belgium Bottom to Tap 3-miler on 10/17: We’ve been invited to participate in the race and have a tent to pimp F3, plus discount race entry fees. Contact Doner Kebab if you’re interested in doing the race or in helping to man the tent before/after the race.
– Blue Ridge Relay happening for 12 of the Richmond F3 PAX on 9/11
Well done today, men! This is certainly a tough workout, YHC is feeling the soreness all over, especially after following up J-ville’s Ciabatta & sprint laps on Tuesday. This is a good gauge for how much your fitness has improved since the last time we did the same workout. Thanks for the opportunity to lead today.

YHC knows there were some eye rolls today, but Merican/Merkin form is important to avoid injury and to get the most benefit. Dredd & OBT have even posted a Youtube video to preach the same

We almost made it a full year without the police showing up, but broke that streak today, so set the counter to zero. Not a whole lot else that I can say that hasn’t already been said in/after the COT (or will be said in the comments below) about this one… I do see the point that we could be a bit quieter for the neighbors and thanks to TYA for heading to the Principal’s office today to square away “official” permission.

Here is the log of how we each fared today (last completed lap/last completed exercises)
TYA: 9/9
Marv: 7/Scorpions
DK: 9/9
Quick Draw: 9/9
Scream: 6/6
Toga: 9/Lap
Best Shot: 6/Lunges
Chum Bucket: 10/10
Viral: 6/6
Loose Goose: 7/7
Brain Tumor: 9/9


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  1. Wait, I know I was there today. I even signed the sheet with 9 laps fully completed. Or did I? For the record, a sign on the tennis courts says that a permit is needed to use the field, but also for the record we weren’t really using the field today. Maybe we need to get official.

  2. TYA got sent to the principal’s office, I mean went to meet with the principal, and we are all clear there.

  3. I had one set of lunges and a lap to go. The time I lost in conversation with our new buddy cost me. TYA is indeed making every effort to smooth things over for us, but let’s also try some of JVille’s ideas.
    1. Park on Grove
    2. No loud stereos proclaiming your Fight for the Right to Party
    3. We’ll move the flag into the field a bit

  4. nice. Love the comments on that video talking about the depth of Sonny’s character and how great the director of Miami Vice was.

  5. Haha didn’t see that, but not to be “that guy” but Michael Mann is pretty fantastic … Heat … Last of the Mohicans … Heat … Ali … Heat …

    Did I say Heat?

  6. @Toga – do you have the link to that article you mentioned about the uselessness of Werkins?

  7. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Shhhhh. I did go to that comfortable place today… The principals office. It felt good to be home again!!! We are indeed good to workout there. I suggest that we make a small change and park in the staff parking lot for our workouts. If you are coming from Cary, it will be second entrance to school on left, from Grove its first entrance on right. Directly across from N Willetta. Plenty of parking and a good place for the shovel flag.

  8. Nice work taking the initial heat patiently, Toga, and in working the diplomatic channels later in the day, TYA. Nice plan moving the parking and ShovelFlag away from the neighbor’s side yard. Enjoyed the workout as well.