Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There can be only one….


A PAX eleven strong showed for this week’s episode of #ThePunisheRVA.  We went after it like so:

Brief mosey around the front yard and an initial COP with 25 x SSHs, 25 x Imperial Walkers, 25 x Don Quixotes, and 15 Arm Circles both forward and reverse.

Jog to the bus loop and form a line.  Begin Curb Crawls.  A crowd pleaser always.  Bear Crawl across and complete one Derkin, Bear Crawl back and two Derkins, repeat up to 8 and back down again.

Stroll to the soccer field for a variation on Four Corners.  High Knee to one side of the far soccer goal and complete 50 LBCs. Crab Walk around the goal and finish 30 Squats.  Lunge back to the other goal and complete 50 more LBCs.  Bear Crawl around the goal and knock out 30 more squats.  Rinse and repeat twice.

Head to the playground and break into groups.  One group Side Skips across the soccer field width and back, another completes Pull Ups, another accomplishes Derkins while positioning feet within playground swings, and the remaining group completes Flutter Kicks.  Skippers finish and Flutter Kickers commence to skipping.  Rotate through twice.

Return to the ShovelFlag for COT and BOM.


Recall our anticipation of another workout group using this AO starting back in June.  For the first time, YHC didn’t see anyone from this other group (which was almost exclusively comprised of tomatoes).  Seriously hope those folks find other good workout options.

Happy to see Pele show.  Glad he is doing better and will soon be able to ditch the brace.

Standard workout lineup for the week.

BRR folks head out next week.  Tell TYA which van you plan to take.

Honey Do is coordinating a GoRuck group for October.

Convergence on 9/19.  Labor Day version of #ThePunisheRVA starts at 7 AM – lasts for an hour – and we’ll go for coffee.


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